Seatbelt Training Course: The Easiest CSA Violation to Avoid

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A seatbelt violation is worth 7 points under CSA. When you consider reckless driving is 10, that's a big incentive to wear it.
Can a training course about seatbelts really change a driver’s behavior about wearing one all the time? Yes! Wearing a seatbelt is a habit, and changing the habit requires a reason. That reason can be either emotional or rational, and this new seatbelt training course covers it all with real-world tips and suggestions.

A Seatbelt Will Trap You (And Why That’s a Good Thing)

One excuse drivers give for not wearing a seatbelt is that they’re afraid it will trap them in the car. And the fact is, they’re EXACTLY right. However, the alternative is being ejected from the vehicle at speed through a glass window, and that is about a million times more likely to kill them.

About 4 out of 5 people (78%) ejected from a vehicle during a crash suffered fatal injuries, according to the NHTSA

The number of people who’ve died in car accidents because they couldn’t get out due to a seatbelt is infinitesimally smaller than the number of people who were saved because because they wore them. The DOT estimates seatbelts save 13,000 lives a year. That’s a medium-size town every year saved by buckling up.

Accidents involving fires or water are less than half a percent, and your chances of getting out are a LOT higher if you didn’t get knocked out in the crash because you’re wearing your seatbelt.

Seatbelt Ticket: Only 3 Points Less than a Reckless Driving Ticket

The much maligned seatbelt ticket can land your fleet and driver 7 CSA points in the unsafe driving BASIC. A reckless driving ticket (15 mph over) is 10 points. The reality is that they FMCSA may change that in the next year or so, but until they do, it’s the law.

The best tip in the Pro-TREAD seatbelt training course is to keep your seatbelt on if you get pulled over until the officer walks up and sees you have it on. Don’t take it off to get your license and paperwork until they get to the window.

Two Enforcement Crackdowns Increase Odds for a Ticket

The NHTSA is running a two-week enforcement crackdown (“Click-It or Ticket“) that runs through the beginning of June. So you can be sure officers will be looking for it. During past 5 years’ campaigns, they issued 3 million tickets.

And RoadCheck 2012 is set for June 5-7. That’s when the CVSA and FMCSA inspect 70,000+ commercial vehicles over 72 hours!