Does CSA Matter? New CSA Study Released

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Yesterday, a CSA study came out questioning the correlation between the CSA BASIC scores and crash data. It’s the most recent in a series of reports that either prop up the CSA’s methods, or debunks them. If you’re keeping score:

  • Wells Fargo (PDF) came out with a report saying there was no correlation
  • UMTRI (PDF) came out with a CSA study saying Unsafe Driving and Fatigue Driving had a strong correlation (it had a number of other important conclusions, as well)
  • An engineer named Inam Iyoob ran a report for the Alliance for Safe, Efficient, and Competitive Truck Transportation saying CSA scores were not a predictor of crashes

Everyone has a dog in this fight in this except for the University of Michigan, which does a great deal of work with companies, government, and trade groups. It’s the one group whose main motivation is neutrality. So we tend to give its CSA study a little more weight.

Anyway, as a fleet safety or operations person, you should read through it and decide for yourself. For us, below you can see one way to answer, “Does CSA Matter?”

CSA study
In short, yes, the CSA matters.