Car Drivers at Fault in 80% of Fatal Truck vs. Car Crashes

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thumb-speedmgmt2“It was the other guy’s fault.”

That’s what we hear from drivers when they talk about accidents. And as it turns out, more often than not, they’re right, according to a study from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute and paid for by the American Trucking Associations. About 80% of fatal car vs. truck crashes are caused by the driver of the car.

So on one hand, the trucking industry can pat itself on the back for statistical vindication of what we often felt was true. On the other, fleets must remain ever-vigilant (because plaintiff attorneys certainly are). And one primary contributor to most accidents is speed.

Recognizing this, we’ve added a second speed-related workshop, Speed Management, Enhanced. This second online training course for truck drivers and fleet drivers covers:

  • Speed Management
  • Adjusting Speed
  • Total Stopping Distance
  • Changing Road Surface
  • Traction
  • Identifying a Slippery Road
  • Driving through Curves
  • Hills
  • Posted Speed Limits

Fleets have told us that speed is a primary contributor to many issues they face, including crashes and poor CSA scores. This second speeding course for truck drivers gives safety managers a way to reenforce the speed control message, without forcing drivers to take the same lesson twice in a year.