An Ounce of Training VS a Ton of Accident Lawsuits

Chosen by Schneider National, Ryder, US Xpress, FedEx Ground, Frito-Lay, CVS Pharmacy, AutoZone, Con-way Truckload, Convenant Transport, and Baldwin & Lyons.

Bullet-Proof Evidence for Risk Management

With Pro-TREAD, you get a secure online Driver Management System for free. This online database documents and stores the training taken by your drivers. This system provides a powerful risk management shield when required for compliance and for legal defense. It also explains why major insurance companies endorse and promote Pro-TREAD. Some, such as Baldwin & Lyons, believe so much in the value of our training that they provide Pro-TREAD as a value-add to their clients.

Speed Management is one of the most popular training modules chosen by fleets.

Pro-TREAD and Pro-TREAD In-Cab let you train on more than 70 online or in-cab courses for professional truck drivers. These self-paced, alway-up-to-date lessons average 30 minutes each. The lessons are sophisticated enough to keep the attention of million-mile drivers, and basic enough for new drivers, too.

  • Reach 100% of your drivers and other employees with standardized training
  • Reduce training, operating, and accident costs
  • Get bullet-proof documentation of your training


70+ Truck Driver Lessons, Including CSA, Hazmat, Defensive Driving and More

Pro-TREAD In-Cab works on all major devices in the industry.

Your fleet can choose from any of our 90+ interactive lessons, including some of our most popular:

  • CSA Training
  • Defensive Driving
  • Fuel Management
  • Speed Management
  • Fatigue Management

Pro-TREAD can meet your training needs anytime, anywhere via any Internet connection,. And Pro-TREAD In-Cab works on all major in-cab devices for use while drivers wait for their loads.

What Sets Pro-TREAD Apart?

Some lessons are basic to reinforce good habits that sometimes fall away after a few million miles on the road.

Pro-TREAD is designed so that in order to finish the training, drivers have to correctly answer questions every few minutes. This is know as “Mastery Training,” and it’s been used by NASA and the U.S. military for years. If drivers don’t answer the question right, they can’t finish the lesson.

This interactivity guarantees your drivers understand the material, and our driver records are bullet-proof evidence you’ve provided excellent training to your drivers. The next time you demo our competitors, press the fast-forward button and see if you can skip through all the video — you can bet your drivers might. They can’t do that in Pro-TREAD.

Training that Drivers Actually Recommend

Qualcomm is just one of the EOBR partners with whom we work.

Our fleets and partners choose Pro-TREAD because their drivers feel the training really works. A survey of 4,650 Schneider drivers found:

  • 95% agreed that the Pro-TREAD training would make the company and themselves safer.
  • 93% would recommend the Pro-TREAD online lessons to fellow drivers.
  • 88% agreed with the statement, “I prefer taking this type of computer-based lesson instead of attending a safety meeting.”
  • 74% disagreed that the Pro-TREAD lessons were too basic.

Pro-TREAD Pricing to Fit Any Size Fleet

We offer two types of plans:

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Our per-lesson plan means you never pay for more than you use. You give us an idea of how many lessons you want to establish your per-lesson price. If you go over that amount, the overage stays at the same per-lesson price. If you consistently go over, you can expect a phone call from us to lower your per-lesson rate.
  • Unlimited Per-Driver:
  • Your drivers can take as much training as they want, and you pay the same amount per-driver. You will not pay extra with turnover — new drivers replace departed drivers in the system. You commit to one year of training at that number of drivers.