Dry Van Cargo Securement Tips

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Dry Van Cargo Securement: Out of Sight, Out of Mind? The CVSA Roadcheck 2017 is scheduled for June 6th through until June 8th and the focus this year will be cargo securement. When most people think about cargo securement, their thoughts turn to flatbed trailers because they get the bulk of these types of violations. Read More…

CSA Training

Training helps your drivers stay safe and understand the regulations that cost you CSA points. Fact: the frequency of training directly relates to CSA scores.

How Driver Training Can Impact Insurance

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ITI spoke with Ryan Erickson of insurance brokerage McGriff, Seibel & Williams by phone. As an ITI partner, they frequently refer fleets to use PRO-TREAD driver training to reduce risk. How do insurers calculate your premium? When insurers calculate your premium, they’re looking at what’s called the loss run. There’s the hard part of it, Read More…

Drivers face 1.2 roadside CMV inspections each year, on average.

Surviving Roadside CMV Inspections

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Across the trucking industry, drivers are subjected to an average of 1.2 roadside CMV inspections a year. So we released a new lesson: Roadside Inspections. This 25-minute lesson covers the ins and outs of a roadside CMV inspection, the types of inspections and criteria, and the consequences of various violations. One of the top items Read More…

Rushing is a common cause of driver crashes.

FMCSA’s New Hours of Service Rules Explained

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Dec. 10, 2014:We are monitoring the Omnibus spending bill, and we will update the HOS lesson if the restart provision changes. On July 1, 2013, the new Hours of Service rules from the FMCSA go into effect. We’ve updated the Pro-TREAD lesson on the new HOS rules ahead of time: it’s available today. (We also Read More…

Medium-Duty Truck Safety: Q&A with J. Scott Roberts

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Medium-sized trucks are a different breed than long-haul trucks. Which is why we rolled out our medium-duty truck curriculum about a year ago. We talked recently to Scott Roberts, CTP, CDS about medium-duty truck safety. ITI: What’s the typical day like for a driver of a local/regional driver of a medium-duty truck like? How does Read More…

Load Securement Training: Get Ready for the New CSA BASIC

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Is your team ready for the new Vehicle Maintenance CSA BASIC? With cargo and load securement folded into the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC, now’s a good time for load securement training. Pro-TREAD offers five courses specific to cargo and trailers (sample videos below): Cargo Handling Cargo Securement Flatbed Safety Longer Combination Vehicles Trailer Loading/Unloading Procedures Pre-Trip Read More…

New PRO-TREAD Lesson Categories

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You’ll be seeing big changes to PRO-TREAD over the next few months, including features that will make it easier than ever for you to manage the courses your drivers and employees take. One small step in that direction is that we’ve added several new lesson categories. We’ll be rolling these new groups out during the Read More…