defensive driving for truck drivers

Enhanced Defensive Driving for Truck Drivers

Ever wonder what lesson is used most by our fleets and clients? It’s Defensive Driving for Truck Drivers by more than 50% over the next lesson, which is CSA Overview. You can see...

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winter driving course for truck drivers

Winter Driving Course for Truck Drivers

Most proactive training managers put their fleet through a winter driving course for truck drivers before the snow starts flying. And if you’re like most, you’re probably still calculating the damage done by...

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Driver Staffing Company Improves Safety with PRO-TREAD

by Jim Smith, MS, CSP Director of Safety ProDrivers ProDrivers has been a client of PRO-TREAD for the past three years. After both using and evaluating the services offered by other training providers,...

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52 Ways Trucks Can Avoid Parking Lot Crashes

May, 2015: Newly updated course One Safety Tip Per Week Insurance companies tell us that hitting fixed objects in parking lots or loading docks are the most frequent type of crash. Ironically, these...

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Truck drivers need night driving tips to deal with the many dangers of nighttime miles.

Night Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

The video above is just one short section of the new PRO-TREAD Night Driving tips course. This month, we launched three new lessons: Night Driving Night Driving for Medium-Duty Trucks Roadside Inspections December...

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hands free texting for truck drivers

Texting Ban: Hands Free Texting for Truck Drivers Isn’t Safer

A study from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute tested passenger car driver reactions while they used a hands-free texting system. They found those drivers’ reaction times were just as slow as normal texting,...

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Winter Driving Tips for Medium-Duty Trucks

With winter storm Nemo having just dumped an awful lot of snow on the Northeast, we figured it was a good time to release our Winter Driving for Medium-Duty Trucks lesson. (Of course,...

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Most medium-duty trucks operate in crowded urban or suburban environments.

Medium-Duty Truck Safety: Q&A with J. Scott Roberts

Medium-sized trucks are a different breed than long-haul trucks. Which is why we rolled out our medium-duty truck curriculum about a year ago. We talked recently to Scott Roberts, CTP, CDS about medium-duty...

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Hurricane Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

UPDATE ON ROAD CONDITIONS If you’re looking for information on road conditions on the East Coast now that Superstorm Sandy has hit, the American Trucking Associations put together this list. Connecticut DOT Delaware...

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New PRO-TREAD Lesson Categories

You’ll be seeing big changes to PRO-TREAD over the next few months, including features that will make it easier than ever for you to manage the courses your drivers and employees take. One...

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Fewer Speeding Tickets for Your Truck Driver

Keeping up with traffic. In a hurry. Getting around an unsafe driver. Running late. There’s never a good excuse for a truck driver to get a speeding ticket. Under the new CSA, those...

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Part 1: Driving Safely at Night — Why Training for Night Driving is Important

Update: We’ve created a new course with Night Driving Tips. Go take a look! The leaves are turning and the sun retreats a little more each day, which means more of our trucks...

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