Custom Training for New Fleet Equipment

No Equipment is Dummy-Proof: Train Your People

When some companies invest in new equipment, they don’t bother with employee training. They believe the salesperson who tells them that “It’s practically dummy-proof. Anyone can use it.” And then they wonder why their new truck ends up running at 30 MPH because it ran out of DEF, or a driver gets a log-book infraction because they don’t know how their EOBR works.

Training Speeds Up ROI

But you’re smarter than that. Like our clients Schneider National and Ryder, you know a big investment in new equipment or new technology for your fleet will go smoother and pay off sooner if you also invest in teaching your people how to use it. Custom training from Instructional Technologies is the answer.

You know that new gear could mean changing standard operating procedures. And you know that kind of change needs to be communicated and enforced across multiple locations and job types. Drivers, dispatchers, distribution center managers, logistics wonks all need specialized, consistent training.

  • Will this training be used by multiple job roles?
  • Will new employees need access to this training?
  • Will updates need to be made over time?
  • Will remote locations and employees need access?

Pro-TREAD Custom Training Gets More From Your New Equipment

We can build a custom training and roll-out program by working with you, the manufacturer and your operations people. Because it’s built on our Pro-TREAD system, your training can combine voice, video, animations and quizzes. And it will be available online for your drivers and warehouse team.

So let’s talk about what’s possible.

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