Don’t Waste Money to Recruit New Drivers. Train Your Existing Drivers

Inside every mediocre driver is a great driver waiting to be trained. Drivers are the biggest cost and the biggest risk in that truck, and yet a few companies spend money to recruit new drivers than training the existing drivers. That’s a huge mistake, and it’ll let you keep and groom better drivers, have fewer accidents, post better CSA scores, and profit more.

Positive Outcomes of Refresher Driver Training

  • Improved driver turnover and less spent on driver recruiting.
  • 15% reduction in accidents is “normal,” while many other clients report bigger drops.
  • Fewer accidents lead to a lower insurance rate.
  • More profit: a $25,000 crash payout requires $500,000 in revenue with typical profit margins.
  • Fewer fines from roadside inspections.
  • Less attention from police because of a “clean reputation.”
  • Fewer lawsuits.
  • Fewer workers’ comp claims.
  • Improved CSA scores.

Training Shakes Bad Habits

Drivers are smart. They are not reckless. A truck driver is like any other person — bad habits can build up over a million miles. In fact, one of our clients analyzed their thousands of drivers and learned that there’s a significant bump in accidents around 10 years on the road (they’ve since emphasized training their veterans to reduce it).

Pro-TREAD training snaps a driver out of their bad habits.

Training Costs Less Than Recruiting

Training costs with Pro-TREAD run less than $100/year for unlimited courses through RAIR. By having drivers go through the basics, you’ll shake loose bad habits about speeding, backing, dealing with parking lots, pre-trip inspections and other “gotchas.” Avoid a single crash and training pays for itself.

Training Increases Driver Retention

A driver who gets consistent training makes fewer errors and feels their company is “looking out for me.” In that way, both the fleet and the driver win: you have a better employee that performs well, and the driver has job stability.