Fleet Learning Management System

Free Fleet Learning Management System

All clients of PRO-TREAD have access to our Fleet Learning Management System. Built with fleets in mind, it removes many of the administrative headaches that come with managing and tracking training.

How to Create Training Plans for Truck Drivers

A Simpler Way to Manage and Track Training

Fantastic Support

Our team trains your supervisors and managers, and we’re available when drivers have technical hiccups too.

Printable Certificates

You can print and store certificates of mastery for your employees. Keep them on file or hand them out during meetings.

Connects To Your Systems

Our open API lets you synchronize employee lists, locations, job titles, and training records.

Flexible Reporting

Find out who has finished training so you can follow-up with those who have not. Plus many, many other features.

Assign As Needed

Courses can be assigned company-wide, to specific job titles, locations, custom groups and individuals in a few clicks.

Easy Registration

Registration is simple: You can let employees self-register, import a spreadsheet, or connect to your back-office system.

Assign Relevant Training

The key to assigning relevant training? Making it easy. You can assign training to users based on their job title, location, and another custom group. You can also assign training to just an individual, or company-wide. By assigning courses that truly matter to your employee, they know that the training is tailored to them, rather than being just a bureaucratic box to check.

Connect to Back-Office Systems

Your Training and Safety Departments shouldn't be islands in your company. So we have an open API that lets you securely import training data to other driver management systems. It lets you pull over as much or as little information as you need. And if you want your drivers or employees to access training via your intranet, we can use a "single sign-on" so it doesn't require them going into a new system.

Bullet-Proof Evidence of Training

Because we keep the records on our server, completion information cannot be modified by you. Why is this important? In the event of a lawsuit, it means you can’t be accused of falsifying training records. And if you like, you can print certificates of completion any time. They’re great for recognizing drivers’ effort, or for your own record-keeping.