PRO-TREAD Online Fleet Training

The Best Fleet Training Available, Period.

PRO-TREAD training is the highest quality training available. Our library of 100+ standard courses (more than 35 hours of training) covers everything the logistics market needs to improve safety and operations. PRO-TREAD courses work on a computer or mobile device, and each user is quizzed about key concepts as they go.

Our background in military and NASA training means we have seen the value of great training. You want results. Results come with better skills. As your people’s skills improve, so does their attitude. With a better attitude, you have less employee turnover. Training leads to increased safety, more efficient operations, and less turnover. Who wouldn't want results like that?


Anywhere, Anytime Training

PRO-TREAD online training works on computers, smartphones and tablets. With PRO-TREAD, drivers take training anywhere in the country. And since PRO-TREAD quizzes drivers about top points, you have proof that you trained them.

A Can-Do Partner for Your Team

We can help with the many parts of your safety, training and compliance program. Everything from consulting, to safety messages, to online training, to measuring effectiveness. Let's talk and figure out where it makes sense for us to start.

The PRO-TREAD Difference

Professional Approach

PRO-TREAD training treats drivers like professionals. Courses build to complex ideas from simple concepts with a positive tone. This helps new drivers understand orientation, and it get drivers to adopt the changes with a better attitude.

Works on Any Device

PRO-TREAD runs on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets connected to the internet. It will work on most in-cab devices with a browser. Users can start a course on their smartphone, and finish it on a laptop without losing their place. And training files are relatively small — usually less than half of 1% of a mobile data plan.

Compelling Visuals

Using 3D animations allows you to see specific maneuvers and situations, and to show the inner workings of parts. It also looks amazing, which tells drivers training is important.. Contrast that with other training systems showing unrelated B-roll video of trucks, or of a talking head filmed in a conference room.

Mastery-Based Training

Quizzes and repetition of key points are the hallmarks of mastery-based training. By illustrating an idea visually, verbally, and through interactions, you allow different types of learners to grasp it. And quizzes along the way prove they’ve mastered the concept.

Up-to-Date and Accurate

Regulations and best-practices are always changing. PRO-TREAD is committed to the trucking and logistics industry — it’s all we do. So we’re usually out front of legislation, updating lessons before the laws change so drivers know what to do on Day 1.

Huge Selection of Courses

Our core library offers more than 100 courses covering every trucking topic you need. CSA and regulations are covered. Basic and advanced driving techniques. Pre-trip inspections, routine maintenance, and logbooks, too.

The Bottom Line on Training

CSA Improvement (%)
MPG Improvement (%)
Insurance Savings (%)
Inspections Improvement (%)

What Does Quality Training Look Like?

How do you pick between training options? What makes one piece of training memorable, while another is forgettable? Often, you’ll know it the second you see it. Download this whitepaper to learn a few top questions you should ask training providers.

PRO-TREAD Online Training

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