PRO-TREAD HazMat Driver Training

Training for CDL Hazmat Endorsements

Hazmat Driver Training keeps hazmat drivers up-to-date and federally certified with the lessons they need to effectively and safely transport hazardous material.


  • Meets Federal Re-Currency CFR 49 parts 172.702 and 172.704 requirements
  • Training is automatically tailored to driver’s needs by the use of interactive breakout frames
  • Includes optional information for specific types of hazardous materials
  • Lessons help drivers prepare for State CDL Endorsement Exam

40% of Possible CSA Violations are Hazmat-related

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation imposes fines up to $50,000 per day for civil violations in hazardous materials shipping--up to $100,000 if the violation results in personal injury or property damage.

Prevent costly fines with the appropriate training: Get the Hazmat training you need to comply with extensive new federal regulations. 


Hazmat Driving and Parking Intro

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