In-Cab Truck Driver Training

Pro-TREAD In-Cab works on all major devices in the industry.

In-Cab Truck Driver Training Leads to Fewer Accidents

Put your truck drivers’ waiting time to good use by using PRO-TREAD safety training for in-cab and mobile devices.

We know that your company and drivers only make money when drivers are rolling. But when they’re waiting for a load, at a terminal or dock, it’s a perfect time to sharpen their skills. Our in-cab training works exactly the same as it does online — it’s still mastery-based, quiz-oriented training. And if their load is done before their lesson is, the system will “bookmark” their place and let them finish it at the next stop.

Works on All Major In-Cab Platforms

  • PeopleNet Blu and Blu 2.0
  • PeopleNet Tablet
  • Qualcomm MCP
  • DriverTech TruckPC
in-cab driver training units
Pro-TREAD In-Cab runs on Qualcomm, PeopleNet and DriveTech.

Why In-Cab Driver Training from Pro-TREAD?

  • Lesson progress is tracked
  • Easily updated by wifi, cell service, or maintenance team
  • Only works when truck is stationary (in-cab units only)

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