Driver Orientation Training

Integrating a new hire into a company can be expensive. REALLY expensive, especially if your recruiter found someone out-of-state. When it comes to the standard method of driver orientation training, many companies will pay to:

  • Transport that new driver to a training facility
  • Possibly transport a trainer to the training facility
  • Pay the driver to be trained
  • Feed and host the new driver
  • Send the driver home

In-Person Orientation Training is Awfully Expensive

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You’re looking at investing a few thousand dollars before that driver has contributed one cent to the company. Yet new driver orientation is critically important: it saves money in the long run to have a new driver understand:

  • Company policies and procedures
  • Company culture
  • Operational standards
  • Health and other employee benefits

How Much Does Online Driver Orientation Training Save You?

Most companies do new-driver processing in a similar way. They bring the driver into a regional hub, put them in a hotel for a few days, and send them through classroom training and HR paperwork. The costs per driver can be significant:

  • Transportation: $300
  • Hotel: $200
  • Per Diem: $200
  • Trainer travel costs: $500
  • Driver pay: $250

Save One Day & Add $600 in Revenue Per Driver

More efficient orientation also helps you generate more revenue — If you could cut that training time by one day, how much extra revenue would it generate for your fleet? All the fleets we’ve talked to say that getting a truck off the fence and on the road would add $600 in revenue.

If you turn over 400 drivers a year, that’s nearly a quarter million dollars in re-discovered revenue.

Just One Little Change Creates Big Savings

The simple change? Just have new drivers go through the standard part of orientation at home, online before you bring them in. That way, they’re up-to-speed before you’re on the hook for hotel rooms, per diems and bus tickets.

3X Faster Training Online vs. Classroom

Drivers can get through more training and HR information FASTER with online Pro-TREAD orientation. That means you have safer drivers on the road sooner.

And only Pro-TREAD is “Mastery based.” Mastery based training means the driver must correctly answer a question before going on to the next section. Get it wrong and they must watch the lesson again. This guarantees your company has a driver who KNOWS the right thing to do.

By providing a multitude of graphics and animations options, by integrating your own video or presentation content, by branding your company within the lesson itself, your company feels professional and efficient to new hires, which sets expectations for their behavior.

How the Pro-TREAD online orientation process works.

“Isn’t Custom Training Expensive?”

No, and especially not compared to the table above. You might even consider doing custom training whenever you want to do training for new equipment or new procedures into your fleet. Instructional Technologies will work with you to make great training that reflects your Company’s policies, procedures and values.

“Can We Use or Modify Our Existing Library of Safety Training?”

Yes! And we can modify any of our existing 100+ driver safety and OSHA lessons to address your internal practices, or provide access to the whole library as-is. We can use any of the following as source material:

  • Paper training manuals
  • Videos that you created
  • PowerPoints or other digital files
  • Interviews with your safety team

By interviewing your operations and safety team, we can build a custom lesson for you from the ground up! Plus we provide records that all of your new hires have taken the orientation required. Pro-TREAD driver orientation training fast, inexpensive, and easy-to-update.