Pro-TREAD Online Training

Online Safety Training for the Transportation Industry


PRO-TREAD training is online training for the transportation industry. It works from any computer with an internet connection, and includes free access to the Learning Management System.

Is online training better than in-person training? Yes. Your drivers learn faster and remember more. And costs dramatically less.

Training leads to efficient, profitable fleets. And with CSA in full effect, margins tight, and competition high, the low-cost and high-value of training has never been more evident. Learn how PRO-TREAD benefits fleets such as Ryder Systems, US Xpress, Landstar, CVS Pharmacy and Frito-Lay.

PRO-TREAD In-Cab Driver Training

Take the power of PRO-TREAD, and add the ability for drivers to access it from their in-cab devices (EOBR) and mobile devices. All drivers have more than a few minutes of downtime while the truck is stopped, so why not have them do a quick training module every so often?

Fill just two stops a month with a safety or fuel-management lesson with PRO-TREAD In-Cab.

Providing truck driver training on mobile devices has become the norm. Nearly 90% of drivers carry a smartphone, tablet or laptop. PRO-TREAD clients can assign drivers take the same mastery-based training training via smartphones and tablets

PRO-TREAD Hazmat Training

Our Hazmat Driver Training series of lessons keeps Hazmat drivers up-to-date and Federally certified with the lessons they need to effectively and safely transport hazardous material. It also includes information for specific types of hazardous materials, and can help drivers prepare for State CDL Endorsement Exam. And like all PRO-TREAD online training, it’s available to your drivers both online and in-cab.

Pro-TREAD OSHA Training

Reduce occupational hazards and warehouse costs at the same time you simplify your company’s safety program into a single training platform. Meet your OSHA training requirements using the same powerful system you use to train and document your drivers.

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System tells you which of your drivers have taken which lessons, and how far along in the lessons they are. You get immediate access to detailed information about each driver’s mastery level. You can even schedule and document training. The Learning Management System is a critical component to managing risk back in the home office. And as your independent 3rd-party provider of training data, Instructional Technologies — the maker of PRO-TREAD — can and will defend the data in court if ever necessary.

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