OSHA Safety Training

Online Safety Training
for Warehouse Employees

When you bring new people into your organization, or add responsibilities as your business grows, a little time spent training them on safety pays big dividends down the road. OSHA safety training with PRO-TREAD leads to fewer Worker’s Comp claims, fewer missed days of work, and greater output by your team.


Back Injury Prevention
Bloodborne Pathogens
Box Cutting
Liftgate Safety
Hazard Communication and GHS
Spill Awareness
Customs Security Awareness
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
Emergency Response Plans
Pallet Jacks
Forklift Fundamentals
Forklift Operations
Forklift Battery and Propane Replacement
Personal Protective Equipment
Workplace Awareness

PRO-TREAD Training Gets the Most Out of Training Time

You’re not paying people to train. You’re paying them to work. PRO-TREAD gets your team through the training quickly, while guaranteeing they know the information. PRO-TREAD is “mastery training.” That means the student is asked questions every 2-3 minutes, and if they get the wrong answer, they must watch the section of training again. To finish the training, they must understand the training.

Bullet-Proof Evidence for Risk Management

PRO-TREAD gives you a secure online Learning Management System for free to document and store the training taken by your employees. PRO-TREAD’s learning management system a powerful risk management shield when required for OSHA compliance and for legal defense. This helps explain why major insurance companies endorse and promote PRO-TREAD. Some, such as Baldwin & Lyons, believe so much in the value of our training that they provide PRO-TREAD as a value-add to their clients.

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