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  • Medium Duty Truck Driver Training
  • Driver training lowers CSA scores by 30+ points, new study shows.

The Rock-Solid Base of Truck Fleet Safety Training

We talk to a lot of fleets who are hesitant to use Pro-TREAD for their truck fleet safety training because they believe their bosses will then think, “If the drivers are using Pro-TREAD,...

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Straight Truck Crash Data

NTSB Releases New Straight Truck Crash Data

Just days after ATRI released a study about straight truck crashes being on the rise compared to heavy duty trucks, the National Transportation Safety Board suggested that the government look into extending the...

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Straight Truck Training

New Data on Straight Truck Crashes: It’s Worse Than You Think

While heavy-duty truck crashes have gone down over the past decade, the rate of crashes for medium-duty trucks has gone up, according to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). The innovative study (press...

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5 Million Pro-TREAD Lessons

US Xpress Driver Takes 5 Millionth Pro-TREAD Lesson

US Xpress driver Bryant Hines took the 5 millionth Pro-TREAD lesson on February 7, 2013 at 3:10 pm Pacific Time, less than a year since the company served its 4 millionth lesson. That...

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New Pro-TREAD Feature: Create Custom Groups

We have once again expanded the Pro-TREAD feature set, including new admin menu offerings and functionality! The biggest new feature is the ability to assign lessons to a Group ID. Groups have been...

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Rushing is a common cause of driver crashes.

FMCSA’s New Hours of Service Rules Explained

Dec. 10, 2014:We are monitoring the Omnibus spending bill, and we will update the HOS lesson if the restart provision changes. On July 1, 2013, the new Hours of Service rules from the...

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New Truck Safety Whitepapers

New Truck Safety Whitepapers

There are several ways to keep up-to-speed on the trucking industry, and especially on safety. We’ve launched several new truck safety whitepapers, and have more in the pipeline. Our goal is to keep...

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hands free texting for truck drivers

Texting Ban: Hands Free Texting for Truck Drivers Isn’t Safer

A study from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute tested passenger car driver reactions while they used a hands-free texting system. They found those drivers’ reaction times were just as slow as normal texting,...

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"Staged accidents" are on the rise. Do your drivers know what to do after a traffic accident?

What To Do After a Traffic Accident: Protect Against Staged Crashes

by Nathan Stahlman, VP of Product Development Your driver is safely puttering along a surface street. He’s left the car ahead of him several seconds. As he shifts into 6th, a little Honda...

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The FMCSA has mandated GPS training for truck drivers.

Mandatory GPS Training for Truck Drivers: Coming Soon to Pro-TREAD

There’s a difference between commercial and passenger GPS systems. And now the FMCSA plans to mandate GPS training for truck drivers. The training rule comes after a number of crashes where trucks crashed...

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Imagine you're a new driver. Would you know how to use one of these without some good training?

How EOBR Training Could Help Driver Retention

Update: March 15, 2013 The FMCSA said that GPS training will now be mandatory for entry-level drivers. Which means you can expect a new standard training course from Pro-TREAD soon. But you’d be...

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Cutting a day off new-hire onboarding with online orientation is like finding money on the street.

A Million Dollars in “Found” Revenue from Online New Driver Orientation

We recently attended a seminar in which a fleet with 1,500 drivers said the combination of found revenue and decreased costs equaled $1 million in a year by using online new driver orientation....

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