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  • Medium Duty Truck Driver Training
  • Pro-TREAD in-cab trains your drivers via their EOBRs.
  • Driver training lowers CSA scores by 30+ points, new study shows.

Hurricane Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

UPDATE ON ROAD CONDITIONS If you’re looking for information on road conditions on the East Coast now that Superstorm Sandy has hit, the American Trucking Associations put together this list. Connecticut DOT Delaware...

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Managers need training, too.

4 Reasons You Need to Think about Fleet Manager Training

Reason No. 4: Retention Managers with training tend to have higher retention rates; in plain English, that means that a company who shows their employees a path upwards will tend to keep their...

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New: Access All PRO-TREAD Lessons on Qualcomm

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now access the entire library of PRO-TREAD lessons on Qualcomm units with wifi. For Qualcomm units that don’t have wifi, you’ll still be able to access...

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New PRO-TREAD Lesson Categories

You’ll be seeing big changes to PRO-TREAD over the next few months, including features that will make it easier than ever for you to manage the courses your drivers and employees take. One...

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Loading a trailer with a forklift should be a safe endeavor. Training your employees will help ensure that it will be.

Forklift Safety: Loading and Unloading a Trailer

When a 9,000 lb. forklift rolls into a trailer that’s not secured, terrible things can happen. If the wheels start rolling, or the landing gear is damaged, that trailer can tip. Or worse,...

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Pre-Trip Truck Inspection Liability

Last week, a truck owner and driver were charged with manslaughter in a case that brings up issues of pre-trip truck inspection liability. The truck in question had bad brakes and worn tires....

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Does CSA Matter? New CSA Study Released

Yesterday, a CSA study came out questioning the correlation between the CSA BASIC scores and crash data. It’s the most recent in a series of reports that either prop up the CSA’s methods,...

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Basic Truck Safety Training: Ideas from Ryder and Schneider National

CSA Violations Becoming a Part of Contract Language Today, fleets are seeing more contracts that include language that requires trucks that have passed inspection. And the fleets must have a plan for remediating...

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More than 70,000 trucks will be inspected between June 5-7. Is your fleet ready?

RoadCheck Inspection Bonanza Coming June 5-7

Over 72 hours at the beginning of June, 10,000 inspectors from local, county, state and federal groups will pull over or inspect about 70,000 vehicles. That’s right: it’s time to get your fleet...

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A seatbelt violation is worth 7 points under CSA. When you consider reckless driving is 10, that's a big incentive to wear it.

Seatbelt Training Course: The Easiest CSA Violation to Avoid

Can a training course about seatbelts really change a driver’s behavior about wearing one all the time? Yes! Wearing a seatbelt is a habit, and changing the habit requires a reason. That reason...

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how to safely load a flatbed trailer

How to Safely Load a Flatbed Trailer

When we put together this course about how to load a flatbed trailer, a (very) young driver likened it to tying down a mattress on top of a car to move your buddy....

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Is Truck Driver CSA Training Effective? Research Says Yes.

Prospective clients ask us all the time if truck driver CSA training is truly effective. We ran the numbers, and we can answer that it absolutely is effective at lowering your CSA score,...

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