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  • Driver training lowers CSA scores by 30+ points, new study shows.
More than 70,000 trucks will be inspected between June 5-7. Is your fleet ready?

RoadCheck Inspection Bonanza Coming June 5-7

Over 72 hours at the beginning of June, 10,000 inspectors from local, county, state and federal groups will pull over or inspect about 70,000 vehicles. That’s right: it’s time to get your fleet...

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Seatbelt Training Course: The Easiest CSA Violation to Avoid

Can a training course about seatbelts really change a driver’s behavior about wearing one all the time? Yes! Wearing a seatbelt is a habit, and changing the habit requires a reason. That reason...

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How to Safely Load a Flatbed Trailer

When we put together this course about how to load a flatbed trailer, a (very) young driver likened it to tying down a mattress on top of a car to move your buddy....

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Is Truck Driver CSA Training Effective? Research Says Yes.

Prospective clients ask us all the time if truck driver CSA training is truly effective. We ran the numbers, and we can answer that it absolutely is effective at lowering your CSA score,...

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Safer Drivers Have Better MPG, Reports Schneider National

According to a study of its own fleet of 12,000 truck drivers, Schneider National found a positive correlation between safety and MPG: Safe drivers get better fuel economy. Correlation may not equal causation,...

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Safety Director Tips: Getting Drivers to Take Safety Training

A frequent question we receive from clients is: “How do I get my drivers to take their PRO-TREAD lessons?” The most basic answer to safety training means setting a policy and sticking with...

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Cracking Walnuts with a Hammer: Cellphone Ban Overkill and Misses the Point

Our President and CEO, Dr. Jim Voorhees, was quoted in the Jan. 9 Transport Topics (subscription req’d) in a story about the proposed total cellphone ban. It’s a good story, and as usual,...

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Drivers must conduct pre-trip inspections, while fleets share responsibility for making repairs.

Pre-Trip Inspection: Train Your Drivers to Understand Vehicle Maintenance CSA Rules

Of the top ten CSA violations, seven could be prevented with one simple step: a pre-trip inspection by your drivers. Inspecting the truck before driving is the law, and yet 70% of CSA...

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Schneider Nat’l: Training is an Enabler, Not a Distraction, Says Alan Weisinger

    Alan Weisinger, Director of Driver Training for Schneider National, shared how they’ve made safety a core value of the fleet.       ITI: How do you balance the needs of...

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Don’t Just Manage Risk, Reduce It

Moving from Risk Management to Risk Reduction New Partnership between RAIR and Instructional Technologies, Inc. Today we’re very excited to announce a partnership with RAIR. Through this partnership, trucking companies now have a...

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Fewer Speeding Tickets for Your Truck Driver

Keeping up with traffic. In a hurry. Getting around an unsafe driver. Running late. There’s never a good excuse for a truck driver to get a speeding ticket. Under the new CSA, those...

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Skill Beats Luck

A note from our CEO about driver training in truck fleets that’s worth sharing: I’ve been writing about Safety, Security and Compliance lately. There is an interesting notion in trucking about the 300-30-1...

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