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The NTSB has recommended a ban for cell phones for all commercial truck drivers to prevent dangerous distractions.

Cell Phones Banned: Driver Distraction Course Updated

As a safety company, the NTSB proposed ban on cell phones for CDL driverscuts straight to our values. (Update: The ban on handheld cell phones was approved by both the DOT and the...

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It's Brake Safety Week, which means it's a great time to focus your training.

Brake Safety Week is All About Training

It’s Brake Safety Week, which for most companies seems to be about selling you new products. Which is great, right? Nothing better than new brakes for improving safety, right? Well, maybe. It depends...

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Interstate 25 runs through Fort Collins, CO, which Allstate dubbed the safest town for driving in America.

The Safest Driving Town in America

A good new blog post over at Fleet Owner covers the Allstate Best Drivers Report, in which the auto insurance company names Fort Collins, CO, as the safest driving town in America. According...

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“You Hear Something Funny?”

  We’ve all done something dumb before, but this one made our local newspaper (in Portland, across the river from our hometown of Vancouver, WA), so we reckon it’s fair game to tease...

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After Hurricane Irene's damage to all the roads in Vermont, it might be a tough winter of driving as the state routes trucks through some winding mountain roads.

Northeast Drivers Hunker Down for Long Winter

Happily, most predictions about the devastation from Hurricane Irene turned out to be overblown, excuse the pun. Except for the folks in New England. The roads for carriers in Vermont face a very...

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Hurricane Safety for Truck Fleets

Hurricane Irene will be kicking off the hurricane season this weekend, so now’s your last chance to start thinking about contingency planning, communications, and training. We posted a quick snippet about dealing with...

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How the CSA Changed the Hazmat Rules (and Why You Need to Care)

New rules from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) mean that carriers who believed they were subject to one set of CSA thresholds may, in fact, be subject to more stringent hazmat...

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When an earthquake hits, you'll want to route around any bridges or tunnels if practical.

Earthquake Aftermath: Tips for Truckers and Fleets

A good post over on the OverDrive Facebook page from a west coast trucker who talks about a few tips if this east coast quake turns out to be the foreshadowing of a...

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Enhanced Defensive Driving for Truck Drivers

Ever wonder what lesson is used most by our fleets and clients? It’s Defensive Driving for Truck Drivers by more than 50% over the next lesson (which is CSA Overview, if you’re keeping...

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When there's an accident, who gets sued? It won't be the driver. It'll be your company because THAT'S WHERE THE MONEY IS.

CSA Training: “Get It” in Just 45 Minutes

Never let it be said that the trucking industry ever let facts get in the way of strong opinions. Case in point: the CSA regulations. We hear all the time about how CSA...

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Survey: Drivers’ Misconceptions about CSA

So what if drivers don’t understand CSA? If drivers think that the CSA rules are more draconian than before, isn’t that a good thing? No. Misconceptions and false information lead to drivers doing...

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Train for the Craziness of the Road

Republished from Internet Truckstop’s September/October 2011 issue. Why Online Training is Worth Your Time We’ve never met a driver who believed they need training. You’ve got your CDL and years of experience. You’ve...

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