Entry-Level Driver Training Consulting

Stay Ahead of Proposed ELDT Changes

Whether you provide entry-level driver training (ELDT), or hire from schools who do, you need to stay on top of the latest rule changes proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The rules, as proposed, add quite a few requirements on both schools and fleets.

Instructional Technologies has been on the forefront of the proposed rules, leading with firsthand involvement in formulating the ELDT student curriculum, instructor certification and training provider requirements.

ITI can help you assess your current program for the preparation of Class A or Class B students. We can provide specific, tailored products and services to help you manage your transition to the new rules. Don’t get caught up in the confusing maze of ELDT—let ITI prepare you!



ELDT Consulting Services

With over 20 years serving the commercial carrier industry, ITI has several products and services available to help your program achieve compliance.  ITI personnel can bring their expertise to the table in the following ways:

  • Action plan based on a thorough assessment of your ELDT program.
  • Custom training and curriculum for managers and trainers.
  • Certification for your instructors via train-the-trainer events.
  • Online training for instructors and managers on the new ELDT rules and best practices in adult learning.
  • Online training for CDL students that satisfies requirements of the new ELDT rules.

Assess and Improve

ITI personnel with firsthand knowledge of the anticipated FMCSA rules concerning ELDT will prepare a formal review of your existing program.  A comparison will be made to the new rules and gaps will be identified.  A written recommendation for actions that need to be taken near and long term will help you and your entry-level driver training be prepared for the extensive changes anticipated by the new rules.

Need help with administration? ITI can help prepare your school’s eligibility packet and enrollment in FMCSA’s new training provider database.


One key requirement of ELDT is ensuring instructors have the experience and training to perform their roles under the new rules.  ITI offers hands-on, train-the-trainer certification workshops. Our experience team will guide your CDL instructors through the new ELDT rules, best practices in adult learning, and how to coach drivers for better performance.  

Our Master Trainers have decades of experience coaching drivers and certifying instructors. Training events are typically 1-2 days in length, either at your facility or off-site.

Online Training for Managers

To support quick understanding of the new rules, ITI has online lessons that cover ELDT rules, best practices in adult learning and coaching drivers for performance.  These online lessons allow flexibility in learning and available to staff 24/7 for refresher training as needed. These pre-requisite courses for the train-the-trainer events let the Master Trainers focus on specific needs and changes to your training process.

Online Training for Drivers

ITI is No. 1 in providing high quality, interactive and engaging online courseware for CDL students and licensed drivers. Online training provides you with flexibility and automated record-keeping. For the student, online courseware is available 24/7 and is built on mastery-based concepts. The student is tested until they know the material. All key concepts and knowledge required of all CDL programs under the new ELDT rules are covered by our PRO-TREAD courseware.

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