How Driver Safety Training Improves MPG, Too

Driver training can save you fuel. Better fuel savings means more safety. And more training leads to better CSA scores.

Online Safety Training Pays for Itself with MPG Savings Alone!

A great presentation on driver safety training from Don Osterberg of Schneider National inspired many of the points here. You might check out the interview we did with Schneider’s Director of Driver Training, Alan Weisinger).

More Training Means Better Performance

The last chart in the infographic summarizes shows the impact of training on safety and CSA scores.

In short, the more training that drivers did per year, the lower that fleet’s CSA scores. The impact of using PRO-TREAD online training was most correlated with the Unsafe Driving BASIC of the CSA score.

Say what we will about CSA, it is a decent yardstick for your fleet’s performance. There are exceptions and outliers, but well-run, safe fleets with solid driver safety training programs have low CSA scores.