Why Plaintiff Attorneys Hate Pro-TREAD: The Easier Way to Deal with Truck Driver Lawsuits

Pro-TREAD is Bullet-Proof Evidence That You Trained Your Drivers

When there's an accident, who gets sued? It won't be the driver. It'll be your company because THAT'S WHERE THE MONEY IS.
If there’s a crash, and your company ends up in a truck driver lawsuit, here’s what will happen: the plaintiff will try to sue your company rather than your driver because that’s where the money is. To sue your company, they’ll try to show that your company put the public at risk. And when they see you use Pro-TREAD, that makes their case against your company pretty darn difficult. Pro-TREAD drives ambulance-chasing attorneys nuts (and helps your corporate counsel sleep a little better at night). Read on, and we’ll explain.

Your Company’s Defense: “We Trained Our Driver, and He Scored 100%.”

As a company, you can show that your company invested time and money in training your driver. And with our records — upon which we will testify in court — you can prove that the driver not only took the training, but that they got a 100% correct score. A perfect score? We’re not cheating; read about how mastery-based training works.

How to Manage Risk with Pro-TREAD

Risk management means taking steps to ensure business continues with as little disruption as possible. There’s lots of driver turnover in trucking — that’s no secret. So we recommend that EVERY new driver go through a few basic courses before they drive a single mile in your company truck to minimize your risk and maximize your legal coverage.

Mastery-Based Training Explained

All Pro-TREAD training is “mastery based.” That means as the lesson runs, little quizzes pop up every two minutes or so. Get the answer right, you move on. Get it wrong, you have to re-do that section. To finish, you have to answer all the questions right. And finishing the training is mandatory for employment.

This type of training has been used by the US Army, NASA and SWAT teams to ensure mission-critical information is retained. Our CEO, Dr. Jim Voorhees, brought this training method with him from his time as a flight-safety officer and ground-safety officer flying helicopters with the Army, and running the research aircraft division at NASA.

  • Students remember the lesson better and longer
  • No stressful, “gotcha” tests
  • Guaranteed 100% passing grades

Make Training a Pre-Condition of Employment

Our clients usually mandate their drivers take a course about once a quarter. A third of our clients mandate monthly courses. Our best clients also make Pro-TREAD a pre-condition for employment. They pay the driver a flat rate to take certain courses. Best of all, these courses can be taken on any computer with an internet connection. If finding a computer with an internet connection means a new job, you’ll be amazed at drivers’ ingenuity to find one.

In less than four hours, the drivers can cover:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Speed Management
  • Space Management
  • Hours of Service
  • Fatigue Management
  • Pre-trip Inspection
  • Driver Distractions