For Those Who Take Training Seriously

Training Automation

Assign, schedule, and report on all elements of training — streamlined for use in a fleet environment and able to sync with your back-office systems.  [more…]

Custom Production

ITI’s in-house team works with you to produce memorable training specific to the way you do business. [more…]

Professional Services

With everything from in-depth behavior analysis to daily safety messages, our services team boosts your training efforts by tackling projects big and small. [more…]

High-Quality Training

100+ in-depth courses covering everything from heavy-duty trucks to forklifts, including CSA, OSHA, hazmat and more. Quizzes prove completion and comprehension. [more…]

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End Fleet Problems with Training

Training Makes Everything Better

Good training is like bacon: it makes everything better. Training leads to fewer crashes, better MPG, less wear-and-tear on the vehicle, and over time, a lower insurance rate. And because your drivers hit more of their incentives and fewer “gotchas,” it improves driver retention, too. 

CSA Score Improvement (%)
MPG Improvement (%)
Insurance Savings (%)
Inspections Reduction (%)

It's Easy to Start Training

You'll find it's incredibly easy to switch to our training. Whether you're interested in PRO-TREAD, customized training, or our professional services — or all of the above — you'll have lots of support and direction the whole time.

Industries Served

Transportation & Logistics

The heart of everything we do is in transportation. More than 100 courses in trucking, from pre-trip to docking. [ more… ]


Training for every type of vehicle, plus the ability to easily customize and add existing training. [ more… ]

Oil & Gas

Tankers, flatbeds, hazmat, GHS, OSHA and hours of service, plus many more. [ more… ]

Food & Beverage

Find the most critical courses, including urban driving, medium-duty trucks, dealing with parking lots and docks, in-store safety, and temperature management. [ more… ]