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Improve Fuel Efficiency With Straight Truck Safety Training
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Courses to Provide During Driver Orientation
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The delivery industry is booming, and these drivers face a unique set of distractions and safety hazards. ITI’s ClearDrive™ provides modern online training for delivery drivers to help you get them on the road as quickly and safely as possible. Courses deal with common safety issues specific to delivery drivers. They're short, actionable, and easy to understand.

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We'll cover:

  • An overview of the PRO-TREAD training library
  • How Sentix helps you quickly assign, schedule and report on training
  • Example use cases like onboarding and remedial training


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When You Know
Training Matters

When it comes to training, quality matters. Study after study shows that the quality of training improves skills, output, and morale. And to add to your challenge, there’s a huge array of topics to cover in transportation and fleet operations. That’s why successful companies choose ITI’s PRO-TREAD®: Because they understand the value of a huge library of high-quality, ready-made online training courses.

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Free COVID-19 Course for Drivers

What Drivers Need to Know About COVID-19

ITI’s free course helps drivers understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, how it could affect their work and safety, and steps to keep themselves and others safe.

This course is immediately available in Sentix for all ITI customers. Not an ITI client? Watch the video online here.

(4/17 update: now includes mask info.)

Watch the CDL Free Course Now
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Driving isn’t your employees’ primary job, but they still spend a lot of time on the road. This exposes your company to risk and them and others to injury. ClearDrive online training is a cost-effective way to help employees adopt safe driving habits and reduce your liability for crashes and injuries.

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The ITI Difference

For Companies that Know Leadership Means Training

A leader’s job is to get the organization working together and doing the job right. Training just happens to be the tool.  So you’re not merely a trainer. You’re a leader. And leaders train.

When you choose to outsource training and safety, you want to build high-quality online training that covers topics thoroughly. We collaborate closely to build custom training to improve job performance. And we make it easy to manage with a flexible LMS that adapts to your business' models and terminology 

  • High Quality Training 
  • Custom Production
  • Flexible LMS 
  • Can-Do Service
Why Companies Choose ITI


You can see the difference

The Best Training Company for Trucking, Transportation and Logistics

Look under the hood at top-performing companies, and you’ll find a culture of training. When you want to outsource your training and safety content, ITI provides the highest quality online videos through for every type of vehicle, from sedans up to heavy duty trucks.

Truck driver training

PRO-TREAD Offers the Best Fleet Training Available.

Our  high-quality training courses for heavy-duty truck drivers are used by the largest for-hire and private fleets on the road. They're used to onboard new drivers, provide remedial driver training, and for ongoing defensive driving. And PRO-TREAD is accessible on any internet-enabled computer, or via the Sentix and mobile app for iOS and Android.

ITI provides the courses you need as a modern fleet with proven results.

PRO-TREAD Truck Driver Training
Take Action

Start Leading With Training

When you outsource training and safety to ITI, you can actually deliver better training for less time and money. We’ve helped fleets large, small, and probably a lot like yours to scale their training programs and do more with the resources they have.

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Great delivery, ITI! Your team is great to work with. Selecting your team for our pre-hire onboarding process was the right way to go.
Paul Foster, CDS, Director of Safety — J.B. Hunt
Ultra-flexible LMS

Sentix® Pro: Enterprise-Level Learning Management System

Sentix Pro LMS is a powerful learning management system engineered specifically for transportation and logistics companies. It has the tools to run a smart training program out of the box and can be customized to your company’s needs.

An LMS for the Enterprise
Forward-Thinking Clients

Forward-Thinking Companies Outsource Training and Safety to ITI

When enterprise companies look for a training company for trucking operations, they choose ITI because of the excellent quality of PRO-TREAD® training, our custom production and development teams, and our flexible Sentix LMS. 

Trusted Training Providers for 20 years

 Helping Fleets Large and Small Since 1995

ITI has been in the transportation and logistics industry for over 20 years. We’ve helped fleets large, small, and a lot like yours to scale their training programs and do more with the resources they have.

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Intelligently scale your training programs with the industry’s most flexible solution.

  • Powerful, extremely customizable LMS built for fleets
  • Connect other systems like telematics and risk management software to trigger individualized training
  • Produce high-quality custom training on any topic
  • Assign training by region, division, job title and more

Small Business

Save time and deliver better training with ITI for small businesses.

  • Top-notch ready-made training content
  • Assign a year's worth of training in just a few clicks
  • Automate manual and recurring tasks to save hours of time
  • Host all your training content in one place
  • Easy setup and implementation