About Instructional Technologies Inc.

About Instructional Technologies Inc.

Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), is known for its effective online training that uses a mastery learning strategy, an instructional method by which the employee must ‘master’ each subject before moving to the next. The courses improve employee safety behaviors and provide defensible proof that employees have mastered the subject.

With ITI training, fleets have the flexibility to use more than 140 off-the-shelf PRO-TREAD lessons, engage ITI’s professional training team in developing customized content, and use ITI’s training automation platform for their own content.

Sentix, ITI’s training automation platform, lets fleets assign, schedule, and trigger training, while also providing powerful reporting tools to monitor progress and compliance.

Key Facts

  • Instructional Technologies Inc was founded in 1995 by Dr. James Voorhees and Robert Johnston
  • Over 12 million lessons taken
  • 300+ clients
  • Used by leading fleets: Ryder, JB Hunt, Celadon, Landstar, CVS Pharmacy, CHS, and the largest private fleets.
  • Works on any computer with an internet connection
  • iOS and Android app for playing content
  • Recommended by most major logistics insurers, including Baldwin & Lyons and Aon
  • Member of the National Private Truck Council, American Trucking Associations, Truckload Carriers Association, Commercial Drivers Training Association, National Association of Fleet Administrators, International Food Distributors Association, and many more.

Driver Training is like Insuring your Insurance

You carry insurance in case of accidents, so why is ongoing training important? Because some accidents don’t go over your (enormous) deductible and no one has outlawed attorneys (yet). Training is what the suits call “risk management.” For a low cost, online training from Instructional Technologies keeps your drivers and warehouse workers safe, minimizes workers’ comp claims, and keeps your bottom line healthy.

Recommended by Fleets

“PRO-TREAD is a powerful component of our risk management programs. It helps make us a safer fleet.”

-Don Osterberg
Schneider National, Vice President of Safety and Training

“PRO-TREAD has helped us reduce collision frequency to the lowest level in our history.”

-Tony Montalbano
Ryder System, Group Director of Safety, Health and Security

“There is no doubt that the utilization of PRO-TREAD has been a major factor in reducing accidents and injuries during our partnership with PRO-TREAD. The interactive nature of the training is what separates Instructional Technologies from its completion and what has ultimately led to a great partnership between ProDrivers and PRO-TREAD.”

-Jim Smith
ProDrivers, Vice President of Specialty Safety at Employbridge

“We’ve worked extremely well with ITI. We know we can always count on them to go the extra mile for us. It’s great working with their dedicated and talented staff of training professionals.”

-Alan Weisinger
Schneider National, Director of Driver Training

“We selected ITI to have a good LMS and excellent content, and hands-down the PRO-TREAD training library and Sentix training automation platform are the best value. With PRO-TREAD, videos are divided into sections that actually cover all the material and keep the driver engaged. For us, the value in ITI is also found in better pre-trip inspections that lead to lower CSA scores and fewer costly on road repairs, and in information that lets you prove that you are running a responsible company.”

-Kevin Alexander
John N. John Trucking, Director of Safety and HR

“I am always amazed how often some of my most hardened drivers sit down for training after a long day and comment on how professional your content is. Only a year ago I spent most of my time developing training tools (mostly power point) and it never had the impact that we get from Pro Tread. My drivers no longer fear a mandatory training notice they might receive with their assigned routes. I have found everyone I have dealt with at ITI to be incredibly accommodating and if they don’t have the answer immediately I get a call back shortly with an answer or suggestion on how to navigate my problem. As a broad line distributor on Long Island our delivery environments are as varied as you could imagine, we run trailers long distance  as well as straight trucks throughout the tri state area but I can always find relative content to fit our different routes and challenges. Route work is some of the hardest work out there, thanks for making the training aspect work for my company as well as my drivers.”

-Paul Mullen
J. Kings, Safety and Training Supervisor

Driver-Recommended Training

It’s great that the fleets like the training, but what do drivers think? After all, they’re the ones who have to use the training. So we asked 4,500 drivers who took our training what they thought:

  • 95% agreed that the PRO-TREAD training would make the company and themselves safer.
  • 93% would recommend the PRO-TREAD online lessons to fellow drivers.
  • 88% agreed with the statement, “I prefer taking this type of online lesson instead of attending a safety meeting.”
  • 74% disagreed that the PRO-TREAD lessons were too basic.