Assigning and Scheduling with Sentix

Who Takes the Training?

The first part of an assignment is who will take the training. Courses can be assigned company-wide, within a Division, Region, or Location, or to those with a particular Job Title. They can also be assigned to people tagged by a Group, like Hazmat refresher training. You can also assign courses to an individual manually, via the Sentix assignment system. Finally, you can create modules of lessons for corrective training, like for those who received a speeding ticket or a HOS violation. Whenever they’re tagged, they’re assigned those courses.

Most Common Types of Training

When Do They Take the Training?

Assignments can have a start date and a due date. They can also just be left open. Due dates are pretty self explanatory, but start dates are how you knock out your training plan for the next year before Jan. 1. Assignments with a start date in the future will not show up in a user’s list of assigned courses until the start date.

So if you’re doing quarterly training, you can create assignments for each quarter ahead of time simply by setting the correct start date. By default, any user who has taken an assigned course BEFORE it was assigned must take it again, but you can modify that rule if desired.


Recurring Training: Repeat As Needed

Recurring training is training assignment that has a scheduled start date built around when a person qualifies for that assignment. Let’s look at our most common example.

Hazmat Recurrency Training is required every three years prior to renewing a driver’s hazmat endorsement. So you create an assignment that has our Hazmat courses in it, assign it to a new group called Hazmat Renewal, and set the recurring interval to 3 years. When you have a driver who is within a few months of needing to renew their hazmat endorsement, you tag that driver with that group, and they’ll be assigned the recurrency training. Three years from the date you assigned it it, they’ll be assigned it again automatically.

Other examples:

  • A custom course about holiday gratuities, and assigned every year around mid-November.
  • Semi-annual assignment about Reasonable Suspicion for the Job Title “Driver Manager.”
  • An employee morale survey, customized to different Job Titles, Regions, or groups.


Though we have defaults set to years, you can have our engineering team add recurring shorter intervals like monthly or quarterly.


  • Can access all courses as a user.
  • Can print their own completion certificates

Let Us Build Your Assignments

Here’s the best part. Between our professional services team — a group with years of CDL and training experience at fleets large and small — and our client services team, we can build out a library of assignments for you. We can build out your next year’s assignments for you. We can build out a series of modules for your most common corrective training needs, like for minor backing accidents or roadside inspection violations.

Schedule a Demo of Sentix

If you’re interested in exploring how to automate a lot of your training administration, drop us a line. We’ll show you the system, and build a plan to move you over.