ELD and Liability: Knowing Isn’t Fixing

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The stunning growth of onboard and ELD technology for tracking the behaviors of your drivers has revealed one huge problem. If your company learns that a driver tends to speed through urban streets, check his text messages, or tail gate, isn’t it a good thing that you know? The answer might surprise you.Knowing that an Read More…

manager training for workman's comp

Manager Training for Workman’s Comp

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The transportation industry has gone to great lengths to improve and maintain good relations between managers and their drivers. The question is, what happens to these “good” relations when the employee has an accident, customer complaint, late delivery or an injury involving workman’s comp lost time? According to Bob Howell, Managing Partner, Howell & Associates, Read More…

How Driver Training Can Impact Insurance

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ITI spoke with Ryan Erickson of insurance brokerage McGriff, Seibel & Williams by phone. As an ITI partner, they frequently refer fleets to use PRO-TREAD driver training to reduce risk. How do insurers calculate your premium? When insurers calculate your premium, they’re looking at what’s called the loss run. There’s the hard part of it, Read More…

52 Ways Trucks Can Avoid Parking Lot Crashes

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May, 2015: Newly updated course One Safety Tip Per Week Insurance companies tell us that hitting fixed objects in parking lots or loading docks are the most frequent type of crash. Ironically, these crashes are almost worse for a fleet than a bigger crash because they don’t meet the insurance deductible, so it’s straight out Read More…

Manual Pallet Jack Training

New Lesson: Pallet Jack Training

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NEW! Pallet Jack Training This short online training course covers using a manual pallet jack on inclines, on lift gates, and in confined spaces. The lesson takes about 15 minutes to complete, on average. Safely Using a Pallet Jack Moving heavy loads around with a pallet jack takes a little common sense and a few Read More…

"Staged accidents" are on the rise. Do your drivers know what to do after a traffic accident?

What To Do After a Traffic Accident: Protect Against Staged Crashes

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by Nathan Stahlman, VP of Product Development Your driver is safely puttering along a surface street. He’s left the car ahead of him several seconds. As he shifts into 6th, a little Honda on his left changes into his lane just ahead of his bumper with no signal. Your driver quickly eases off the gas Read More…

Medium-Duty Truck Safety: Q&A with J. Scott Roberts

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Medium-sized trucks are a different breed than long-haul trucks. Which is why we rolled out our medium-duty truck curriculum about a year ago. We talked recently to Scott Roberts, CTP, CDS about medium-duty truck safety. ITI: What’s the typical day like for a driver of a local/regional driver of a medium-duty truck like? How does Read More…

Managers need training, too.

4 Reasons You Need to Think about Fleet Manager Training

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Reason No. 4: Retention Managers with training tend to have higher retention rates; in plain English, that means that a company who shows their employees a path upwards will tend to keep their people. To speak in sweeping generalizations, most managers are motivated by money, stability, glory, or altruism. Fleet manager training feeds each and Read More…

Avoiding the $10 Million Workers’ Comp Accident

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How do drivers, fleets, and customers avoid the dreaded “slip and fall” accident”? A minute of forethought and a culture of not accepting unsafe conditions will go a long way to reducing Workers’ Comp claims. Colorado’s Supreme Court upheld a $10 million dollar slip-and-fall award to a trucker who fell in a Wal-Mart parking lot Read More…