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Online Training for Delivery and Commercial Fleets

Modern roads are full of hazards. According to the 2019 Travelers Risk Index, 1 in 4 businesses have had an employee get in a distraction-related crash while driving for work.

ITI’s ClearDrive provides modern online training for commercial fleets and delivery fleets. Better training more often with ClearDrive keeps drivers safe and reduces liability from crashes.

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The ClearDRive Training Suite

All the Training You Need. None You Don’t.

It's easy to pick and choose the driver training curriculum that meets your company's needs. With over 70 courses and training videos for drivers available in the ClearDrive library, you have the building blocks for great training at your fingertips. Not sure where to start? Our Client Services team can guide you.


Driver Training for Commercial Fleets Reduces Crashes

The roads are full of potential problems for your commercial drivers. Other drivers are distracted and rushed, traffic is worse than ever. And your own fleet of drivers are under time pressure, dealing with digital devices, and distracted. 

Only through defensive driving training can you show them how to deal with all these problems.  The most important piece of safety equipment in the company vehicle is between the ears of the commercial driver.



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Get New Delivery Drivers on the Road Quickly and Safely

Delivery drivers face a unique set of distractions and safety hazards. ClearDrive helps you onboard new delivery drivers on the road as quickly and safely as possible.

ITI's defensive driving courses deal with common safety issues specific to delivery vehicles, such as urban driving, frequent stops and customer interactions.

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Keep Sedan and Work Truck Drivers Safe and Accident-Free

Driving isn’t your employees’ primary job, but they still spend a lot of time on the road. ClearDrive is a cost-effective way to help employees adopt safe driving habits and reduce your liability for crashes and injuries.

ClearDrive courses feature fast narration and simple, logical presentation that helps employees grasp safety concepts quickly.

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Sentix PRO LMS

Fleet-Focused Training Automation

Content isn’t the only part of getting delivery drivers on the job faster. ITI also makes driver orientation and ongoing safety training simple to set up and manage.

Sentix® Pro is our learning management system (LMS) engineered specifically for the high turnover and fast pace of transportation and logistics companies. By automating tasks like assigning and reporting, Sentix Pro frees you up to do more strategic, impactful work.

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Custom Training

Industry-Leading Custom Training

Whether you need minor edits to existing ClearDrive courses, a full custom course, or maybe just a video message from your CEO, our in-house team of trainers, animators, videographers, and editors can build you the training that fits your business.


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  • Onboarding
    New employees need to understand basic job expectations and skills.
  • New Equipment
    Learn how a new piece of equipment will be used safely and effectively.
  • New Processes
    Changing the way tasks are accomplished and communicated.
  • Maintenance
    How to diagnose and fix equipment.
  • Checklists
    Show how a task should be completed each time.
  • Regulatory
    Ensure your employees follow rules, laws and procedures.
  • Business-Specific
    Many companies have procedures or equipment that are unique.