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Data, Business Rules, and Triggers

You know that training isn’t done in a vacuum. You train your people for a reason: a new hire will be issued PPE and needs training to use it, or a driver’s hazmat endorsement will expire in 6 months. All of those reasons have data and logic behind them.

Sentix helps you manage that data, and trigger action — like training or communications — based your business logic. From hiring and onboarding, to dealing with certifications and training, to post-incident training, as well as disciplinary actions and firing, Sentix gracefully adapts to the way you run your business.

Safety First, Safety Fast

When there’s a “trainable event,” how much time passes between that event and when you provide the employee training? How many more miles does that person drive before you assign training?

With training automation, you can instantly assign training based on any trackable incident. Faster reaction time means reduced liability — you’ve shown you’re proactively trying to fix a safety issue. So you can connect your MVRs, your telematics, your HR tools, and anything other incident or safety system, and let those trigger training assignments you’ve pre-built.

Read about the Sentix Pro integration with Netradyne's Driveri™ camera system.

Examples of Training Automations

Below are just a few of the types of situations you might want to use to trigger training, and the type of data you might use to do it. You just need to bring a login to your other systems that have an API, and a willingness to create some business rules.

Under, Over, Around or Through: Working with I.T.

If you’re worried about making these things work with your own IT group, we can probably help. Our engineering team has worked with many of the systems in the trucking world. Because we know the industry so well, we’re able to intuitively grasp many of the business rules you’ll want to apply to your automations. And since we designed the system to be flexible and connected, we’re often a faster and less-expensive option for connecting your systems together.

Read more about how we integrated Sentix Pro to trigger training assignments from Netradyne's Driveri™ camera system.

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The plain fact is that with cameras and telematics, you've got a firehose of driver data blasting you daily. Automation is the only way to keep up and do something useful with that data. Talk to us about how to build a training automation plan, and to learn what to expect as you roll it out.