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Courses to Provide During Driver Orientation
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Fleet Consulting for Safety and Training

We hear from many training and safety people that they spend too much time on day-to-day problems, and not nearly enough solving strategic and emerging issues. Our consulting team can help you get more from every dollar and minute invested in your driver training program.

Go beyond dot compliance

Elevate Your Driver Training Program

Training programs need a boost? Not sure how to improve fuel economy? Struggling to enforce DOT regulations and compliance? Whatever the challenge, we’ve almost certainly seen it before. Our former training and safety managers excel at helping you hone in on the problem, implement a realistic plan to fix it, and create excitement for change. Here are some of the everyday projects that clients like you bring to us.

Curriculum Plans

We'll work with you to create customized curriculum plans based on your specific driver training program. Once that's done, we'll even assign courses for you in Sentix!

Process & Technology Reviews

We'll review your current processes and technology to help you improve training compliance and get the most from your technology investments.

Fuel Economy

Improving fuel economy is one of the quickest ways to save money and improve fleet operations. The good news is, it's probably easier than you think!

DOT Audit Training

Don't wait for a DOT audit! We'll help you identify the right training, tools and processes to boost compliance and improve training completion rates across your entire organization.

Measuring ROI

We'll help you measure the success of the program by analyzing your safety and operations and improving your team's internal expertise.

Safety Check-Up

Get Ahead of the Safety Curve

Request a free risk assessment to uncover current and emerging issues and get an action plan to address them. We'll show you how to use the data you already have to identify drivers that need immediate intervention, or use Qorta to get near real-time CSA/DOT alerts. 

Get an actionable strategy to reduce downtime, mitigate risk, and improve driver retention.

Request a Safety Check-Up
  1. Needs Analysis
    Survey employees about current operations.
  2. Data Gathering
    Compiling fleet data from several sources within the organization.
  3. Establishing Metrics
    Benchmarking you with the industry and peers.
  4. Analysis
    Using quantitative and qualitative data to get the whole picture.
  5. Action Plan
    A realistic plan to collaborative address problem areas.
  6. ROI Reporting
    Presenting success and opportunities up the chain of command.
Safety Messages

Streamline Your Safety Communication Efforts

Repetition is the key to making training stick. With safety messages from ITI, you can provide a series of quick notes to share throughout the company to reinforce training and safety. We provide the content and can even deliver them for you.

  • Build: Our team works with your safety and training group to build a calendar of messages. The calendar can be tailored around your training plan, seasonal weather, or even performance factors.
  • Send: Send messages via email, as payroll stuffers, via your onboard devices, or posted on your intranet. We work closely with your technical and communications team to ensure the message is getting out.
  • Monitor: We’ll check in often to update content, review how the program is running, and provide you with regular reporting.
Get Safety Messages for Your Team
Man with clipboard training a truck driver

Training Conducted by Master-Level Experts

Help your trainers and managers get (and stay) on the same page and become better coaches and mentors.

  • In-Person Training. Taught by Master Trainers, these hands-on, interactive seminars focus on training best practices and can be customized to your company’s needs.
  • Online Training. When the topic fits with our existing library of manager courses, we will recommend your team get everyone up-to-speed with prerequisite online training.
  • Custom Training. We can help you build a custom training program for trainers and managers that's specific to your company's operations and can include both online and in-person coaching.

Our Master Trainers have decades of experience coaching drivers, warehouse workers, and frontline managers in the logistics industry.

Let's Train Your Trainers
Request Training Consulting

Chat with our Consulting Team

Our consultants have decades of experience working with fleets just like yours. Whether you're facing a DOT audit, executive pressure to show training ROI, or just want to improve your driver training program, we can help. Let’s hop on the phone and figure out the next step.

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