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Enterprise LMS

Sentix Pro:
Yours to Customize

Sentix® Pro is the industry’s most flexible, customizable LMS because that’s how we designed it. Unlike other LMS companies, everything about Sentix Pro can be fully customized to fit your workflows and processes, right down to the way it looks and operates.

It's far easier for us to adapt Sentix Pro to your company than for you to keep paying for an inflexible LMS.


Training Automation in Action

Here are a few examples of how you might use Sentix Pro to automatically trigger training, as well as the type of data you might use to do it. It only takes two things: login credentials to your other systems that have an API and a willingness to create some business rules (we'll even help you with that second part).




New Employees
10 new employees join your company, all with different roles, responsibilities and training needs.

As they’re entered in your system, their onboarding training assignments are automatically assigned by their job title, location, division, and any other piece of data you track.

Licenses and Expirations
Several of your employees need to renew their HAZMAT endorsements this year.

Three months before endorsements expire, employees are automatically assigned a HAZMAT training refresher course and sent communications about renewals. Managers can start checking compliance reports.

from a driver show he has quadrupled the normal number of hard braking and hard acceleration events in the past three days. 

The driver’s manager is notified to make contact, and the driver is automatically assigned lessons on Space Management and Speed Management. More courses can be manually assigned once the manager talks to driver for more context.

Your company’s Northeast operations are facing Spotted Lanternfly quarantines across several states.

All drivers, managers and warehouse workers in that region are added to Spotted Lanternfly Training group and automatically assigned government-approved compliance training.

In-Cab Monitoring
A driver repeatedly exhibits road rage, despite previous warnings.

The driver’s manager and the HR department both receive red-flag email and/or SMS about the driver’s behavior pattern. Training history can be referred to during disciplinary action.

A delivery driver hits a parked car while backing into a loading zone.

The driver is added to a corrective training group on Backing and Docking and receives several short, targeted lessons over the next few weeks. 


14 Fleet Training Plan Ideas

Let Us be your lms developer

Use Your I.T. Team or Ours

No bandwidth in your own IT group to implement new projects? Let ITI be your LMS developer. Our engineering team has worked with many of the systems in the trucking world and can intuitively grasp many of the business rules you’ll want to apply to your automations. And since we designed Sentix LMS to be flexible and connected, our team is often a faster and less-expensive option for connecting your systems together.

Read more about how we integrated Sentix Pro to trigger training assignments from Netradyne's Driveri™ camera system.

Netradyne Integration for GetGo
ITI: the top lms company for fleets

What Do You Need Your LMS To Do?

ITI built Sentix Pro to be used and customized by the largest enterprise clients on Earth (which it is).  It's far easier for us to adapt our LMS to your company than for you to keep paying for an inflexible LMS.

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