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Online Courses for Delivery Drivers

The delivery industry is booming. For fleet training managers, that means an endless flow of new employees to onboard, train and get on the road as quickly and safely as possible. These drivers face a unique set of distractions and safety hazards.

PRO-TREAD® Training for commercial fleets and delivery drivers (formerly known as ClearDrive™) provides modern online training for delivery drivers to help them stay safe and help you reduce liability from incidents.

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Online Training for delivery drivers


Danger lurks around every corner: distracted drivers, pedestrians looking at their phones, terrible traffic, construction. And your delivery drivers are under pressure to get through their route, be friendly, and deal with paperwork and digital devices. 

Help them stay safe and productive with online delivery driver training. Choose a package of injury prevention or distracted driving courses, or build a custom training plan from our library of 250+ courses. Our experienced consultants can give you advice on best practices.



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25% of businesses have had an employee get in a distraction-related crash while driving for work.
2019 Travelers Risk Index
A System for Safety: PRO-D.E.F.E.N.S.E.

Defensive Driving Courses for Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers operate in a stressful, distracting environment. Good defensive driving skills are essential to staying safe and incident-free. That’s why we offer our award-winning PRO-D.E.F.E.N.S.E. defensive driving courses as a standalone package.

PRO-D.E.F.E.N.S.E. deals with common safety issues specific to delivery vehicles, such as urban and suburban driving, frequent stops, loading and unloading, and customer interactions. Courses are short, actionable and easy for drivers to understand.


Learn more about the PRO-D.E.F.E.N.S.E. system
  1. Urban Driving
  2. Distracted Driving
  3. Parking Lot Deliveries
  4. Avoiding Fixed Objects
  5. Intersection Crashes
  6. Backing and Docking
  7. Speed and Space Management
  8. Fatigue Management
Online Driver Onboarding for Delivery and box truck fleets

Driver Orientation: On the Road Sooner

Time is money. But so are crash lawsuits and workers comp claims. So you need to get your new drivers on the road quickly, and also safely. By moving mundane, repetitive parts of your new driver orientation online, you let instructors focus on the nuanced parts of the job and evaluating skills. You’ll also get new employees working sooner and save money on instructor costs.

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Effective Training
Inside the Vehicle and Out

Safety isn’t just about what happens in the delivery van — lifting, loading, entering and exiting the vehicle are all potential hazards. Effective OSHA training can make the difference between a safe, productive delivery driver and one who’s out on a workers’ comp claim.

Qorta University’s convenient and effective online injury prevention training videos can help you establish a culture of safety, and protect you during an OSHA audit.

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Give your drivers the training they need to drive safely and stay productive. Talk to a training expert today about how online training can help you run a safer, more profitable delivery fleet.

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Sentix® PRO LMS

Fleet-Focused Training Automation

Content isn’t the only part of getting delivery drivers on the job faster. ITI also makes driver orientation and ongoing safety training simple to set up and manage.

Sentix Pro is our learning management system (LMS) engineered specifically for the high turnover and fast pace of transportation and logistics companies. By automating tasks like assigning and reporting, Sentix Pro frees you up to do more strategic, impactful work.

Learn More About Sentix Pro LMS
Custom Training

Industry-Leading Custom Training

Whether you need minor edits to existing courses, a full custom course, or maybe just a video message from your CEO, our in-house team of trainers, animators, videographers, and editors can build you the training that fits your business.


See all custom training solutions
  • Onboarding
    New employees need to understand basic job expectations and skills.
  • New Equipment
    Learn how a new piece of equipment will be used safely and effectively.
  • New Processes
    Changing the way tasks are accomplished and communicated.
  • Maintenance
    How to diagnose and fix equipment.
  • Checklists
    Show how a task should be completed each time.
  • Regulatory
    Ensure your employees follow rules, laws and procedures.
  • Business-Specific
    Many companies have procedures or equipment that are unique.