Free Flatbed Securement Training for CVSA Roadcheck

The CVSA Roadcheck this year has an emphasis on Cargo Securement. And flatbeds, with their cargo and strapping out in the open, take the brunt of enforcement actions when it comes to cargo securement. 

Thousands of Violations will be Written

The CVSA Roadcheck is not a practice run. It's not a rehearsal. If drivers in your fleet are found with violations, they will be cited during the inspection. According to Vigillo, a SambaSafety company that tracks fleet violations, "Last year, with a focus on tires, those violations increased 36% for the three days of Roadcheck compared to the three-day average the prior month.  If that holds for load securement, there will be literally thousands of Load Securement violations written in the coming Roadcheck."

Free Flatbed Safety Course for Drivers

To help prepare your fleet for the inspection bonanza that happens June 6-8, we’re offering free access* to our Flatbed Safety course from now until June 15.

This lesson covers securement rules for flatbed cargo as well as safe operating instructions for securing cargo and determining securement necessary. (Don't haul flatbeds or low-boys? Become a client to assign our cargo securement course, and check out the blog post on dry van cargo securement.)

This lesson covers securement rules for flatbed cargo as well as safe operating instructions for securing cargo and determining securement necessary.

  • Introduction: Flatbed Safety
  • Transporting Unsecured Cargo
  • Cargo Securement Requirements
  • Working Load Limits
  • Required Reference Materials
  • Using the Cargo Securement Tiedown Calculator (1&2)
  • The Cargo Securement Handbook for Drivers
  • Anchoring Your Strap and Proper Use of the Tie Down Bar
  • Flatbed Safety
  • PPE for Flatbed Operations
  • Staying Grounded
  • Working at Heights
  • No Zones
  • Proper Balance
  • Energized Cargo
  • Interactions with Forklift or Crane Operators
  • At-Risk Drivers

Free flatbed safety course from Instructional Technologies

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To Access the Flatbed Safety Course

After you fill out the form to the right, you’ll get an email from us with instructions. You can then send instructions to your entire fleet however you see best. Your team can review the course as many times as they want. However we cannot provide proof of mastery to non-clients — to understand more, read on.

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Training vs. Communication:
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Existing Clients are Not Eligible for This Promotion
Existing clients are not eligible for this promotion. However, existing clients on a seat-based plan can take all the PRO-TREAD courses they want. So go assign Flatbed Safety, Cargo Securement, Pre-Trip Inspections, Hours of Service and Roadside Inspections!  

And if you’re a PRO-TREAD client on a per-lesson plan, contact Client Services to learn why the seat-based plan is a much better deal for your company.