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Fleet manager Training

Better Managers,
Better Retention

You invest a lot to recruit new employees to your company, and new drivers to your fleet. How much do you invest to retain them?

Frontline manager training is one of the smartest investments your fleet can make. Effective managers can sniff out problems that cause employees to leave. More importantly, they can motivate employees and make them more likely to stay.

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Specific to Transportation

Courses Made for Fleet Managers

If your company operates vehicles that require a CDL, reasonable suspicion training is a DOT requirement for all frontline managers and supervisors.

ITI’s comprehensive fleet manager training includes DOT required courses, like reasonable suspicion, along with Worker’s Comp, harassment training, and critical soft skills like coaching and communication.

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Custom Training to Fit Your Company

Train fleet managers on your company’s specific policies, procedures, benefits and equipment. Whether you need minor edits to existing PRO-TREAD courses or full-on custom course production, our in-house team of trainers, animators and editors can build you the training that fits your business.

3 Types of Custom Training
Raise Your own game

Who Trains the Trainers?

Help your trainers and managers get (and stay) on the same page and become better coaches and mentors. Our Master Trainers have decades of experience coaching drivers, warehouse workers, and frontline managers in the logistics industry.

Let's Train your Trainers
  1. In-Person Training
    Taught by Master Trainers, these hands-on, interactive seminars focus on training best practices and can be customized to your company’s needs.
  2. Online Training
    When the topic fits with our existing library of manager courses, we will recommend your team get everyone up-to-speed with prerequisite online training.
  3. Online Training
    We can help you build a custom training program for trainers and managers that's specific to your company's operations and can include both online and in-person coaching.
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Preparing for the Worst

Corporate Active Shooter Training

Active shooters in the workplace are an unfortunate modern reality. While discussing workplace violence is an uncomfortable topic, preparedness requires just a little education and effort. ITI’s Manager Training includes a course on steps employees can take to increase their chances of surviving during an active shooter situation, how they can assist authorities, and what to expect afterwards. 

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Show the rest of your company that training matters. Give your managers the training they need to retain employees and be more effective in their roles.

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