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Courses to Provide During Driver Orientation
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Industry-Specific Online Training

Essential safety training is a good start, but it isn’t always enough. Train drivers to recognize the risks and hazards in your specific industry.

Courses can always be modified to meet the specific needs of certain locations, equipment or customers. Working with our team, you can use your own photos, videos, diagrams and more.

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Delivery Vehicles

Last-Mile Delivery Training

Last-mile delivery can be surprisingly dangerous, and drivers of medium-duty trucks and sprinter vans aren’t required to undergo CDL training. ITI’s delivery vehicle training helps you train drivers on common safety issues specific to medium-duty fleets, such as urban driving, navigating parking lots and avoiding fixed objects.

ITI also offers a number of out-of-vehicle courses, such as dealing with dollies, slips, trips and falls, lift gates and more.

Training Topics for Delivery Vehicles
Urban Driving Dealing with Cargo Parking Lot Crashes
Avoiding Fixed Objects Lift Gate Injuries Intersection Crashes
Backing and Docking Hazardous Weather Slips, Trips and Falls
Distracted Driving Hand Truck Safety Safe Lifting
Whitepaper: 52 Tips to Avoid Parking Lot Crashes
Oil and Gas

Training for Oil and Gas Distribution

Oil and gas rigs tend to operate in remote places. ITI’s training works anywhere with a cell phone signal or Internet connection, so workers can be trained in the field without having to return to base.

Courses for Drivers in the Oil and Gas Industry

Several of our standard courses are useful to fleets in the oil and gas transportation industry. Any of these can be modified based on your company’s operations.

Hazmat Communication Rules Hazmat Driving and Parking Rules Hazmat Loading and Placarding
Hazmat Security Awareness Hazard Communication GHS
Spill Response Confined Spaces Flatbed Safety
Tanker Pre-Trip Tanker Rollover Tanker PPT
Cargo Securement
Customs Security Awareness Roadside Inspections
Whitepaper: GHS and Hazcom Training for Truck Fleets
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Food and Beverage

Training for Every Stage of the Food Logistics Chain

We provide safety and orientation training for companies in every stage of the food logistics chain, from distribution center employees and managers to drivers and their trucks.

Courses for Food and Beverage Workers

Driver Safety Training

Your drivers can access more than 140 PRO-TREAD safety courses online or via their iOS or Android device. Courses are short, straightforward and mastery-based, meaning a driver must get all the questions in a section right before moving on.

Warehouse/OSHA Training

A little employee hazard training will lead to big payoffs such as fewer Worker's Comp claims, lower insurance rates, higher employee morale, and a safer workplace. Lessons include Back Injury Prevention, three Forklift lessons, and even Box Cutting.

Worker's Comp Manager Training

Train managers about the Worker's Comp process, how to work with doctors, and how to communicate with employees. In less than two hours, your managers will have the skills that have helped some of our clients reduce Worker's Comp time by 55%.

Learning Management System

Sentix Pro LMS makes it easier to assign training, track compliance, and print certificates of completion. It also provides rock-solid evidence that your company has trained your team, and that employees correctly answered all questions about the material.


Whitepaper: OSHA Compliance for Truck Fleets

Training to Reduce the Leading Causes of Crashes

Most utilities provide regular training on equipment, but there are very real hazards on the road, too. Train utility workers to recognize these risks before they become dangers.

Training Topics for Utilities Workers

We provide quality online training to reduce the risk of crashes, with more than 100 different in-depth courses available via computer or mobile device.

Speed Management Distraction and Rushing Space Management
Equipment Failures Backing and Maneuvering Visibility and Night Driving
Terrain Weather Fixed Objects
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The PRO-TREAD Difference

All our courses are interactive, self-paced, and range from basic to advanced subject matters. Drivers are required to exhibit mastery of course content by answering questions correctly every few minutes.

Employees like them, too. In a poll, more than 90% of workers would recommend PRO-TREAD courses to other drivers.

What Makes PRO-TREAD Different?
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ITI has been in the transportation and logistics industry for over 20 years. We’ve helped fleets large, small, and probably a lot like yours to scale their training programs and do more with the resources they have.

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