ITI Safety and Training Solution

One Call for Training & Safety

"Oh, you can do that?"

We hear that a lot. Instructional Technologies is so much more than PRO-TREAD and our 105 standard online training courses. We offer consulting, custom production, technology help, and more. It stems from the company being staffed with smart people who provide truck fleet safety advice. Give us a call, and let us help your team.

How Can ITI Help?

Training Automation

Assign, schedule, and report on all elements of training — streamlined for use in a fleet environment and able to sync with your back-office systems.  [more…]

Custom Production

ITI’s in-house team works with you to produce memorable training specific to the way you do business. [more…]

Professional Services

With everything from in-depth behavior analysis to daily safety messages, our services team boosts your training efforts by tackling projects big and small. [more…]

High-Quality Training

100+ in-depth courses covering everything from heavy-duty trucks to forklifts, including CSA, OSHA, hazmat and more. Quizzes prove completion and comprehension. [more…]

% CSA Average Reduction
% MPG Improvement
% Insurance Cost Savings
% Clean Inspections Improvement

What Does Quality Training Look Like?

There are those fleets who approach training as an after-thought, and then are mystified when the training doesn’t stick. And then there are the successful fleets who work with us. They want training to simply work — we can provide truck fleet safety advice that changes drivers’ behavior to be safer and more efficient.