List of All PRO-TREAD Courses


With your PRO-TREAD subscription, you gain access to all 130+ courses in our Core Library. These courses include training for:

Compare Apples-to-Apples: Hours of Training

ITI offers more than 130 courses in the PRO-TREAD core library, but you've undoubtedly seen other companies claiming 700 or more courses. Does that mean they have more content? Nope! 

A better metric to compare our libraries would be the total hours of training content. Excluding custom content, ITI has about 45 hours training in our standard library. Our competitors have less than 32, and one of the new ones has less than 12. 

Most other companies consider a 3-5 minute talking-head video a "course." But that's not training, nor is it particularly safe. You can read more about that in our whitepaper about how to compare online training.

We do recognize people have short attention spans, however. That is why our courses are broken into short segments that are 2-4 minutes in length. And of course, we seed the courses with quizzes to ensure people have mastered the topics.

PRO-TREAD Hazmat Courses

The PRO-TREAD Hazmat courses meet the recurrency training requirements. This affordable module can be purchased and added to your subscription.

  • Hazmat Communication Awareness
  • Hazmat Driving and Parking Rules
  • Hazmat Loading and Placarding
  • Hazmat Security Awareness 

PRO-TREAD Manager Courses

The PRO-TREAD Manager courses are the most affordable way to meet the Reasonable Suspicion requirements from DOT for driver managers. In addition, the PRO-TREAD Manager courses include several other helpful topics. The PRO-TREAD Manager Courses are a separate subscription from PRO-TREAD, based on the number of manager users for your fleets. 

  • Active Shooter Emergency Guidelines
  • Check Rides and Ride Behind Observations
  • Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation
  • FSMA: An Overview for Shippers, Carriers and Receivers
  • PIT Behavior Observations
  • Reasonable Suspicion — Alcohol
  • Reasonable Suspicion — Drugs

PRO-TREAD Food Safety Courses

The PRO-TREAD Food Safety courses are a must-have for any fleet hauling food or beverage items. The new FSMA law adds new regulations for shippers and carriers, and both drivers and managers require training. These courses can be purchased and added to your fleet's PRO-TREAD subscription.

  • FSMA Manager
  • FSMA Driver
  • Pest Management

PRO-TREAD Specialty Carriers Course

The courses for PRO-TREAD Specialty Carriers cover those with more complex loads: tankers, flatbeds and combination vehicles. These are an affordable add-on module that you can purchase and add to your PRO-TREAD subscription.

  • Confined Space
  • Tanker PPE
  • Tanker Pre-Trip
  • Tanker Rollover
  • Flatbed Safety
  • Longer Combination Vehicles

Spotted Lanternfly Training Course

ITI provides an online Spotted Lanternfly training course for fleets’ frontline workers, making it simple for managers to issue them permits to operate in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut and Delaware. This will also arm your drivers with the knowledge they need to stop the spread of this potentially disastrous pest.

PRO-TREAD Core Library

For the most up-to-date list of courses, download the PDF.

Accident Procedures
Air Brakes
Ammonia Awareness
Automobiles - Avoiding Distractions While Driving
Automobiles - Avoiding Fixed Objects
Automobiles - Avoiding Rear End Collisions
Automobiles - Defensive Driving
Automobiles - Lane Changes and Intersections
Automobiles - Parking Lots
Automobiles - Seat Belts
Automobiles - Urban Driving
Automobiles/Light Truck - Tire Chains
Avoiding Fixed Objects
Avoiding Fixed Objects - Medium Duty Truck
Avoiding Roadside Collisions
Back Injury Prevention
Backing and Docking - Medium Duty Truck
Backing and Docking Enhanced
Basic Vehicle Controls
Bloodborne Pathogens
Box Cutting
Cargo Handling
Cargo Securement
Communication - Medium Duty Truck
Confined Space
Coupling Uncoupling
CSA Overview
Customs Security Awareness
Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving - Medium Duty Truck
Driver Disqualifications
Driver Distractions
Driver Distractions - Medium Duty Truck
Driver Qualifications
Driver Wellness
Drug and Alcohol Awareness
DVIR Pre/Post Trip Inspections
Emergency Maneuvers
Emergency Response Plans
Environmental Compliance Issues
Fatigue Management
Fatigue Management - A Guide for Families
Fifth Wheel
Fire Prevention
Flatbed Safety
Forklift Fundamentals
Forklift Operations
Forklift Propane and Battery Replacement
Fuel Island Procedures
Fuel Management
Hand Truck Safety
Hazard Awareness
Hazard Awareness - Medium Duty Truck
Heat Illness
Hours of Service
Hours of Service - No Sleeper
IBT - Avoiding Fixed Objects
IBT - Backing and Docking
IBT - Basic Vehicle Controls
IBT - Defensive Driving
IBT - Driver Distractions
IBT - Hours of Service
IBT - Intersections
IBT - Left Turns
IBT - Pre-Trip Inspection
IBT - Rear End Collision Avoidance
IBT - Right Turns
IBT - Space Management
IBT - Speed Management
IBT - Winter Driving
Identification and Diagnosis of Malfunctions
Introduction to Electronic Logging Devices
Ladder Safety
Lane Changes and Intersections
Lift Gate Safety
Lockout Tagout
Log Books
Longer Combination Vehicles
Mounting and Dismounting
Night Driving
Night Driving - Medium Duty Truck
Pallet Jacks
Parking Lots
Personal Protective Equipment
Pre-Trip Inspection Without Exercises
Pre-Trip Inspections
Preventative Maintenance
PRO-DEFENSE An Approach to Safe Driving
PRO-DEFENSE Distractions
PRO-DEFENSE Effective Communication
PRO-DEFENSE Essential Planning
PRO-DEFENSE Evaluating Space
PRO-DEFENSE Fatigue Management
PRO-DEFENSE Navigating Hazards
PRO-DEFENSE Speed Management
Railroad Safety
Rear End Collision Avoidance
Road Rage
Roadside Inspections
Rollover Prevention
Safe Lifting
Safe Lifting Driver
Safe Operation of Manual Pallet Jacks
Safe Operation of Trailer Doors
Safely Raising and Lowering Landing Gear
Seat Belts
Seat Belts - Medium Duty Truck
Security Awareness
Skid Control
Sleep Apnea
Slips, Trips and Falls
Space Management
Space Management - Medium Duty Truck
Space Management Workshop
Speed Management - Enhanced
Speed Management - Medium Duty Truck
Spill Response
Summer and Mountain Driving
Terminal Trucks
Tire Chains - HDT/MDT
Trailer Loading/Unloading Procedures
Trip Planning
Truckers Against Trafficking
Urban Driving - HDT
Urban Driving - MDT
Visual Search
Visual Search - Medium Duty Truck
Whistleblower Protection
Winter Driving
Winter Driving - Medium Duty Truck
Winter Driving - No Chains
Workplace Awareness