ITI and Netradyne: Trigger Training with Driveri™

How to Find Training That’s Relevant to Each Driver

One of the biggest challenges faced by training teams is knowing what courses are relevant to each driver. One-size-fits-all assignments should be the exception, not the rule. But how can you scale that in your fleet? How could you know each individual’s habits and tendencies well enough to correct them? And how do you keep up with the firehose of video and telematics data?

Track Behaviors and Automate Assignments

Now there’s a solution: using Netradyne’s Driveri™ computer-vision camera system to trigger PRO-TREAD online training assignments via the Sentix Pro LMS.

Close the Loop On Safety

1: Netradyne’s Driveri™ computer vision camera system monitors every second of each drive. Over time, it builds a profile of each driver’s tendencies.

2: The data about each driver is sent to ITI’s Sentix Pro LMS to translate those habits to course assignments. You control the assignment settings.

3: Drivers take their assigned PRO-TREAD training anywhere: courses work on mobile devices or computers with any speed Internet connection.

4: Driver progress is tracked, allowing you to reward drivers for positive improvement. Reductions in incidents also lets you demonstrate ROI.

What Courses Would You Assign?

You can use any or all of the 18 different driver metrics from Netradyne's Driveri™ system to trigger training via ITI's Sentix Pro LMS. Automated triggers can be built in Sentix Pro based on a number of low-urgency incidents in a given timeframe, or relative to the fleet.

  • Trigger Example 1: Any driver with more than 20 hard-braking incidents in a week.
  • Trigger Example 2: Every driver in the bottom 10 percent of hard-braking incidents in a month.

How do you pick the triggers? How many should be enough to trigger a warning vs. how many are just a byproduct of driving a truck? You build these triggers by looking at your data to figure out your thresholds.

We strongly recommend looping in ITI's professional services team to help you evaluate the data. They can help you build an automated training plan: what happens the first time they trigger an assignment, and what happens if it is triggered a second or third time?

Screen capture from a Driveri™ system.

Automation Helps You Keep Up

The plain fact is that with cameras and telematics, you've got a firehose of driver data blasting you daily. Automation is the only way to keep up and do something useful with that data. Talk to us about how to build a training automation plan, and to learn what to expect as you roll it out.