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Online Fleet driver Training

Leadership is the Job, Training is Just the Tool

What is the goal of fleet training? Is it getting drivers to do the right job at the right time for the right reason? That’s also leadership. If you’re tasked with fleet training for drivers in your company, you’ve been chosen for the most important role. Trainers are leaders of the hearts, minds and bodies responsible for moving the business forward. And as a leader, you need to pick the best online fleet driver training to multiply your impact.

online fleet driver training


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Driver Training for
Every Vehicle in Your Fleet

ITI specializes in training for the road. We're best known for our online truck driver training. And we also offer defensive driving options for straight-truck drivers, delivery vans, work trucks and sedan drivers.

While each driver job has many differences, the values for each stay the same for all our fleet driver training: vigilance, patience, professionalism.

  • CDL Truck Driver Training: PRO-TREAD
  • Box Trucks and Step Vans: ClearDrive
  • Fleet Sedans and Work Trucks: ClearDrive
Get Pro-D.E.F.E.N.S.E. Online Defensive Driving Courses
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“Beyond high-quality training content, the value we get from ITI is that its approach to training has become a cultural focal point that helps keep everyone engaged in improving safety. ITI, as a key part of our safety programs, has helped us reduce incidents and make tremendous progress in safety improvement.”
Bill Woolsey, Former VP of EH&S, Pilot Thomas Logistics
Custom Training

Success Starts With Well-Trained People

The key to a well-run company? People who know what they’re supposed to do, and are motivated to do it. Custom training ensures your people know the secret sauce. And by virtue of having such good training, they’re more motivated because the quality shows they’re on a winning team.

  • Training Consulting
  • Scripts and Quizzes
  • Video and Custom Animation
  • Hosting and Editing Existing Training
  • Collaborative Team
Explore Options for Custom Training
specialty fLEET training

Training for CDL Schools, Hazmat, Tankers and Other Specialities

If you operate in one of the specialized segments in our industry, you know that generalized training doesn’t cut it. You need to work with a company who knows fleet risk management and training inside and out. 

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The Best fleet risk managers choose ITI

What Sets ITI Training Apart?

In a word, effectiveness. ITI has been chosen for online fleet driver training over the past 20 years by companies who see that well-trained employees perform better. So what makes our training better than another company’s? Talking heads, clip art, and PowerPoint do not make good training. ITI’s training provides real-world advice in easy-to-understand language and shows exactly what to do.

  • Mastery-Based Training
  • Huge List of Courses
  • Specialized Training
  • Video and Animation Team
  • Expert Level Support
Tips From Fleet Managers on Choosing Training
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I utilize your informative training videos almost daily as a Safety Compliance Manager. They help keep our employees, volunteers, visitors, and clients safe. As a college adjunct instructor for 18 years, and a training instructor for law enforcement, your training videos are top of the line.
- Tad Bowers, Safety Manager
OSHA & Warehouse Training

OSHA Training for Delivery and Warehouse Ops

Shortly after ITI started in transportation 25 years ago, we quickly added OSHA compliance training for warehouses, loading docks, parking lots and retail. This includes injury prevention training topics like safe lifting, box cutting, loading and unloading, and forklift operations. And we’re constantly adding more courses as logistics become more complicated and automated.

Explore OSHA & Warehouse Training
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