Fleet Vehicle Safety Training

Driver Training Made Simple and Effective

"Dull." If you had to sum up most corporate or government training, that'd be the word. Worse? If you combine dull training with driving — a topic that most employees consider themselves quite good at — you're looking at major resistance.

But here's the funny thing: most of your people want training. They want to know what is expected of them. And most of all, they want to get home every night.

If We Can Coach Truck Drivers, We Can Coach Your Drivers

If you think your drivers will complain about training, you should meet a few long-haul truckers. Truck drivers are not exactly known for manners, yet 90% of our trucking students recommend our training to other drivers. And that's why we're No. 1.

Benefits of Training for Corporate Fleets

Better Fuel Economy

Learning about how to manage the space between vehicles and anticipating the moves of other drivers will improve fuel economy.

Fewer Crashes

Your drivers will learn the behaviors and mind-set to slow down, focus, and set aside distractions. This leads to fewer crashes and injuries.

100% Mastery

PRO-TREAD uses “Mastery-Based Training.” With quizzes and exercises, they prove they understand one concept before they move to the next.

Cost Savings

No need to pull people off the job to train, have them travel to training, or pay an instructor. PRO-TREAD is done online and via mobile device.

Texting is a huge distraction, and eliminating distractions is a major component of our driver training.

Add Your Custom Training

It makes sense to keep all your training in one spot, and the PRO-TREAD system makes that simple. Our learning management system gives you both power and flexibility to assign training to individuals, groups, and company-wide.

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Training, Not Education

When you implement PRO-TREAD, you won't waste drivers' time. Your employees with grasp safety concepts quickly. We do it not by "dumbing things down," but coaching complex ideas in a simple, logical, and progressive way. And because the training is done online or via mobile, you don't need to pull drivers away from their important jobs.

See the list of automobile safety training courses here.

Launch Your Training Now

The best time to start training was a year ago. The second best time is today. Don't wait for an accident! Contact us, and we can get your team training by tomorrow.

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