Box-Truck Driver Online Training

The typical day of an over-the-road driver and a medium-duty truck driver couldn’t be more different. Medium-duty truck drivers usually have more stops, more high-traffic routes, more loading and unloading, and more customer interactions. And because your drivers may or may not have their CDL, they need specific safety training to refresh those skills.

You can expect PRO-TREAD's medium duty truck driver training results in:

  1. Fewer truck crashes
  2. Fewer injuries
  3. Less property and equipment damage
  4. Better CSA scores
  5. Lower insurance rates
  6. Improved customer relationships
  7. Less driver turnover

What’s Covered

PRO-TREAD trains your drivers to safely deal with things they'll encounter.

  • Urban situations, like crosswalks and on-street parking
  • Parking lot deliveries
  • Avoiding fixed objects
  • Space management in traffic
  • Safe lifting for drivers
  • Lift gates
  • Winter driving
  • Seat belts
  • Driver distractions
  • Backing and docking
  • Defensive driving
  • Speed management

What Makes PRO-TREAD Training Better?

In addition to the  interactive, self-paced, medium-duty truck driver training, you can assign OSHA and warehouse courses, too. And if you have existing training, it can be hosted and assigned via our Sentix training automation platform. Each course averages 20 minutes and ranges from basic to advanced subject matters. You'll cover everything from regulations to fuel efficiency. 

Proof of Understanding

Your employees answer questions correctly along the way to complete the course. This proves they understand the material.

Thorough Training

If you invest the time to train, do it right. PRO-TREAD cover topics completely and quickly, using real-world examples.

Works on Mobile Devices

With an iOS or Android device, your employees can take training whenever they have a down moment.

Don’t Wait for a Crash

The best time to start training was a year ago. The second best time is now. Contact us and we can have your team training tomorrow.