PRO-TREAD Incident-Based, Remedial Training for Fleets

Post-Incident Training Cuts the Chances of Punitive Damages

For the modern trucking fleet, crashes and injuries are a fact of life. Painful lawsuits don’t have to be.  Remedial training for fleets, given right after the incident, decreases the risk of expensive lawsuits and punitive damages like the ones handed down recently in Texas. Knowin' ain't fixin'.

PRO-TREAD Incident-Based Training is designed to address driver behavior immediately after an incident. Lessons are short (5-7 minutes each) and laser-focused on correcting the specific behaviors that led to the incident. It’s the only corrective training of its type, and it’s included with every PRO-TREAD subscription.

Our growing course library deals with the most common incidents and CSA violations, such as pre-trip inspections, parking lots accidents and speed management. We selected course topics from our research into high-frequency incidents and top CSA infractions.


Incident-Based Training Topics

You can assign one of 14 different Incident-Based Training courses in the following areas:

  • Fixed object and parking lot incidents
  • Pre-trip inspections
  • Intersections and turn signaling
  • Hazardous weather driving
  • Space management
  • Driver distractions
  • Speed management

See the full list of IBT courses in the Incident-Based Training PDF.


Reduce liability in just a few clicks. The risk of punitive damages goes down when you “close the loop” by quickly providing corrective training.


Save time while providing better training. With custom groups and using Sentix Pro’s groups and APIs, you can quickly assign the right training.


Build a culture of safety. With training that focuses on the behaviors that may have led to the incident, you re-focus the driver on prevention of future incidents.

If you are collecting and monitoring, you need an action plan to train.

Reduce Liability in Just a Few Clicks

As we love to say, knowing isn’t fixing. Imagine your ELD and telematics files show you a driver is speeding. If you do nothing and that driver crashes, you’re actually more liable than if you didn’t know at all!

We’re not saying ignorance is bliss. The more you know, the more steps you can take to reduce your liability. With PRO-TREAD Incident-Based Training, all it takes is a few clicks. You can:

  • Take action the moment you know an incident has occurred.
  • Deliver a targeted, short review course directly to drivers’ mobile devices.
  • In the event of a lawsuit, prove your company took steps as quickly as possible to address the incident.

Take PRO-TREAD for a Test Drive

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Save Time While Providing Better Training

Who has time to manually create remedial training after every incident? Answer: no one.

PRO-TREAD Incident-Based Training does that work for you. Our quality, pre-built courses cover the most common incidents and CSA violations. All you have to do is choose one (or more) from our list, and you’re done. Assign the course to the driver in seconds. Drivers complete them in minutes.

Sentix Pro Makes It Easy

Sentix Pro users can create custom remediation groups that automatically send courses to drivers after an incident. Include incident-based lessons for quick remediation and longer courses for follow-on training.

Not using Sentix Pro? Set up a test drive to learn how easy it is to schedule and assign the best training available.

Turn a poor inspection experience into a quick reminder. The faster you can assign training, the more likely they will be to follow it.

Safety By the Numbers


Number of police-reported truck crashes in 2016.


Average cost of a fatal large truck crash.


Average cost of a non-fatal large truck crash.


% of fatal crashes in 2015 with a truck or bus.


% of non-fatal US crashes in 2015 with a truck or bus.

Try Remedial Training for Fleets from PRO-TREAD

The best way to judge PRO-TREAD online training is to see it yourself. So let's set up a time to walk you through PRO-TREAD.
We'll show you how easy it is to assign the best corrective training available.