Truck Fleet Management Training

PRO-TREAD Manager Training

What does it mean to improve management skills? Maybe it takes learning a specific task, like projecting revenue and costs from a lane. Maybe it's more amorphous, like improving the safety culture at the fleet. Or it could be simply training required by the government, such as Reasonable Suspicion.

Instructional Technologies has a deep line-up of fleet management training courses available as an add-on to your frontline worker training. PRO-TREAD Manager is available online or via the Sentix mobile app, with our mastery-based interactive format.

Employee Retention Starts with Well-Trained Managers

A smart manager can sniff out problems that cause employees to leave. PRO-TREAD Manager training makes managers more effective. They react faster.

So what makes a great manager? Is it their years of experience as a driver or forklift operator that helps them relate? Is it a college degree in logistics? Is it their ability to listen? Maybe they just work harder!

The answer is that a great manager has all of those traits. How can you share those traits? The short answer is training. Good training lets managers can crunch years of experience into smart lessons and avoid "learning from mistakes."

Because it's those mistakes that cause employees to leave, and drive up your recruiting costs.


With online courses, you can reach all your front-line managers at each of your locations. Some courses, like reasonable suspicion, are required for DOT operations. All the PRO-TREAD Manager courses make a great launch-point for in-depth group training for managers. All PRO-TREAD Manager courses are an add-on to your frontline worker training.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Training — Drugs
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training — Alcohol
  • Harassment, Retaliation and Discrimination Training
  • CSA Overview
  • Workers' Comp for Front-Line Managers (3-part course, add'l charge)
  • Forklift/PIT Behavior Observations
  • Check Rides, Ride-Alongs and Ride-Behinds
  • Active Shooter Emergency Guidelines

Get Your Managers Training

We can help with the many parts of your safety, training and compliance program. Everything from consulting, to safety messages, to online training, to measuring effectiveness. Let's talk and figure out where it makes sense for us to start.