Online Training for Heavy-Duty Truck Drivers

The No. 1 Online Training for Heavy-Duty Truck Drivers

PRO-TREAD lets you offer more than 110 online courses from our Core Library — that means your drivers can improve their skills without waiting to be routed by a distribution center or training office. These self-paced, always-up-to-date lessons average 20 minutes each. PRO-TREAD online training for truck drivers is advanced enough to keep the attention of million-mile drivers, and basic enough for new drivers, too.

Training Drives Profits

CSA Improvement %
MPG Improvement %
Insurance Savings %
Inspections Improvement %

Why Leading Fleets Choose PRO-TREAD

Flexible & Powerful Admin

The Sentix Pro admin lets you schedule and assign courses, track progress, and connect to your existing back-office systems.

High-Quality Training

No B-roll and talking heads. PRO-TREAD 3D simulations let your drivers see, hear, and experience the right and wrong way to do things.

Huge Selection of Courses

It’d take more than 39 hours to take all 110 courses from the Core Library, and we’re constantly refreshing and improving them to keep up with regulations and best-practices.

Works on Mobile Devices

Assign training to be taken wherever your drivers may be. PRO-TREAD Mobile App lets you reduce or avoid the expense and delay of safety meetings.

Training that Won't Elicit Groans and Complaints

Many safety and training professionals catch a lot of grief from their drivers about training. It's not training that's the problem, it's the inconvenience of meeting and the quality of training. PRO-TREAD end-runs both those problems, letting drivers take training wherever and whenever they want. And by offering quality training at a fast-pace, they learn a lot very quickly. All our courses are tested with drivers to make sure we're not wasting their time so they won't waste yours with complaints.

Survey of 4,650 Schneider National Drivers about PRO-TREAD

Agreed that the PRO-TREAD training would make the company and themselves safer.
Would recommend PRO-TREAD online lessons to fellow drivers.
Agreed with the statement: “I prefer computer-based lessons to safety meetings.”
Disagreed that the PRO-TREAD lessons were too basic.

What Sets PRO-TREAD Apart?

PRO-TREAD is designed so that in order to finish the training, drivers have to correctly answer questions every few minutes. If drivers don't answer the question right, they can't finish the lesson. This is know as "Mastery Training," and it's been used by NASA and the U.S. military for years.

Mastery-based training guarantees your drivers understand the material, and our driver records are bullet-proof evidence you've provided excellent training to your drivers. The next time you demo our competitors, press the fast-forward button. Or worse, try to click the wrong answer — you literally can't choose the wrong answer! That's not mastery-based training, and you can bet the plaintiff's attorney will hammer you for it. They can't do that in PRO-TREAD.

Bullet-Proof Evidence for Risk Management

Major insurance companies endorse and promote PRO-TREAD. Some, such as Baldwin & Lyons, believe so much in the value of our training that they provide PRO-TREAD as a value-add to their clients. PRO-TREAD clients can upgrade their learning management system to Sentix, our training automation platform. This lets you add powerful features like scheduling and triggered assignments. Whether you choose Sentix Base or Sentix Pro, your online training database documents and stores the training taken by your drivers. This system provides a powerful risk management shield when required for compliance and for legal defense.


10 Most Popular Courses

  1. Defensive Driving Enhanced
  2. Pre-Trip Inspections Enhanced
  3. Hours of Service
  4. Lane Changes and Intersections
  5. Winter Driving
  6. Hazmat Loading and Placarding
  7. CSA Overview
  8. Backing and Docking Enhanced
  9. Hazmat Communication Rules
  10. Hazmat Security Awareness

Plans to Fit Any Fleet

Your fleet can be training tomorrow. Drop us a line to start the ball rolling.