Driver Safety Training for the Utilities Industry

Computer generated animations allow us to customize training to whatever your utility fleet needs.
Computer generated animations allow us to customize training to whatever your utility fleet needs.

The utilities industry can be terribly dangerous. But perhaps not so obvious is the danger on the roads. Simply driving to the job may be the most dangerous part of all. Despite improvements in vehicle technology, traffic accidents have increased as both drivers and utilities workers are distracted by mobile devices.

But training your workers lets them recognize risks on the road before they become dangers. Improve your fleet's safety with driver safety training for the utilities industry.

Utility Fleet Training: Arrive Alive

ITI's Laura McMillan published an excellent article in Incident Prevention about the importance of driver training for utility workers. While most utilities provide regular training on other equipment, more and more recognize there are very real hazards on the road.


Crashes Happen for Different Reasons

There is no one-size-fits-all training for driving. There are too many situations on the road. But we've identified many of the leading causes of crashes and accidents. We provide quality online training to reduce the risk of crashes, with more than 100 different in-depth courses available via computer or mobile device.

  • Speed management
  • Distraction and rushing
  • Space management
  • Equipment failures
  • Weather
  • Visibility and night driving
  • Terrain
  • Backing and maneuvering
  • Fixed objects

What Makes PRO-TREAD Driver Training Better?

All our courses are interactive and self-paced lessons. Each course averages 30 minutes and range from basic to advanced subject matters, covering everything from safety to fuel efficiency and pre-trip vehicle inspections. Drivers are required to exhibit mastery of course content by answering questions correctly every few minutes.

Workers tend to like the courses more than standard safety meetings or "book courses" because they can be done quickly and on their own time. In a poll, more than 90% would recommend the courses to other drivers.

But the reality is that online training can't cover everything. It does, however, allow your workers to build basic skills, or refresh skills after years in the field. In turn, your person-to-person time with trainers is more valuable. With the basics covered, you can focus on specifics with face-to-face training.

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