Training for Food & Beverage Truck Fleets

Online and Mobile Training That's Fast and Effective

In the ballet of trucks, pallet jacks, people and products that it takes to run the logistics of the food and grocery business, it only takes one careless moment to cause big problems. A truck hits a customer's car in the parking lot. A forklift knocks over a shelving unit. A warehouse employee makes a Worker's Comp claim. Good training lets your people focus on doing their job the right way, the efficient way, the safe way.

We provide safety and orientation training for companies that, like yours, play a role in the food logistics chain: from distribution center employees and managers to drivers and their trucks. You get help in four ways:

  1. Driver Safety Training
  2. Warehouse Employee/OSHA Training
  3. Worker's Comp Manager Training
  4. Learning Management System

1: Driver Safety Training

Mastery-Based Training Explained

All Pro-TREAD training is "mastery based." That means as the lesson runs, little quizzes pop up every two minutes or so. Get the answer right, you move on. Get it wrong, you have to re-do that section. To finish, you have to answer all the questions right.

  • Students remember the lesson better and longer
  • No stressful, "gotcha" tests
  • Guaranteed 100% passing grades

Your drivers can access more than 140 CDL safety refresher courses online or via their iOS or Android device. The refresher training — about 30 minutes each lesson — is exactly what your professional drivers will love: straight-forward, to-the-point training that doesn't waste their time or talk down to them.

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2: Warehouse Employee/OSHA Training

A little time spent refreshing your employees awareness about hazards in the workplace can pay off through fewer Worker's Comp claims, lower insurance rates, higher morale, and a plain ol' safe workplace. Lessons include Back Injury Prevention, three Forklift lessons, and even Box Cutting.

3: Worker's Comp Manager Training

Lost time claims are a major expense for many companies. And despite the best training, accidents do happen. When they do, and when a worker files a Worker's Comp claim, having a manager who knows the process can be a major asset. This management-focused training provides information about the process, how to work with doctors, and how to communicate with employees. In less than two hours, your managers will have the skills that have helped some of our clients reduce Worker's Comp time by 55%.

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4: Learning Management System

Keep track of who has taken the lessons you assign and print their certificates. The Learning Management System comes with any level of lessons you choose, and provides rock-solid evidence that your company has trained your team, and that they correctly answered all questions about the material.

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