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Courses to Provide During Driver Orientation
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The 'Don't Delay, Start Today' One-Year Training Plan
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PRO-TREAD® Heavy Duty Truck Driver Training

Where Training Quality
and Depth Meet

When it comes to online truck driver training, quality matters. Study after study shows that the quality of online training improves skills, output, and morale. And to add to your challenge, there’s a huge array of topics to cover in transportation and fleet operations. That’s why successful companies choose ITI’s PRO-TREAD: Because they understand the value of a huge library of high-quality, ready-made online truck driver training courses.

Guide: How Fleets Choose Online Truck Driver Training
online truck driver training
online truck driver training
Online Training for heavy duty truck drivers

PRO-TREAD Offers the Best Heavy Duty Truck Driver Training

Our largest selection of high-quality online truck driver training courses help you quickly train your fleet, report on their success and are accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. 

CDL Drivers Approve of PRO-TREAD

In a survey of 4,000 drivers, 93% would recommend the PRO-TREAD online truck driver training to fellow CDL drivers. And 95% agreed that the PRO-TREAD heavy duty truck training would make the company and themselves safer.

ITI online truck driver training focuses on what you need as a modern fleet with proven results.

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A Giant Buffet of Online Truck Driver Training Courses

PRO-TREAD focuses on CDL truck drivers in and out of their vehicles. ITI also offers separate online training for drivers of smaller trucks, vans and autos, as well as warehouse workers.

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THE BEST Online truck driver TRAINING


In a word, effectiveness. ITI has been chosen over the past 20 years by companies who see that well-trained CDL drivers perform better. So what makes our online truck driver training program better than another company’s? Quality. We don't use talking heads, clip art, and PowerPoint. ITI’s training provides real-world advice in easy-to-understand language and shows exactly what to do. 

  • 150+ Online Courses in ITI's Library
  • Options for Different Fleet Types
  • More than 55 Hours of Training Content
  • Mastery-Based Learning
  • Designed for Different Learning Types
  • No Lectures or Death by PowerPoint
  • Mobile App for iOS and Android
Training Managers: "How to Compare Online Fleet Training"
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"Training has a bigger impact on your company’s success than any investment in technology, equipment or consultants."
Dr. Jim Voorhees, CEO, Instructional Technologies, Inc.
Don't delay, start today

Ready-Made Online Truck Driver Training Plans

Incident prevention often takes a backseat to dealing with the never-ending demands of managing a small- to medium-sized fleet. We hear it all the time: You understand the value of online truck driver training, but have a hard time making time for it.

You need a ready-made truck driver safety training program, so we've planned your first 12 months of driver orientation training for you.

Truck Driver Safety Training Programs
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Start Leading With Online Truck Driver Training

ITI has been in the transportation and logistics industry for over 20 years. We’ve helped fleets large and small to scale their online truck driver training programs and do more with the resources they have.

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Forward-Thinking Clients

Safety-Minded Companies Choose
PRO-TREAD® Online Truck Driver Training

Enterprise companies choose PRO-TREAD because of our excellent quality, our custom production team, and our flexible LMS. Smaller companies choose our online truck driver training because our content, LMS and customer service all make their jobs easier.


Download the Sentix Mobile App

Training is just a tap away. Download the Sentix mobile app for iOS or Android and allow your drivers to take training anywhere there’s a cell phone signal. It uses the same login info as the website and requires minimal data usage.