Fleet Consulting for Safety and Training

Fleet Consulting: The Power Behind Training Programs

One of the great ironies about safety and training is that when you do your job right, nothing happens. When you train to improve safety, accidents don't happen. Thus, the more success you have, the less resources you get from the home office. Add to that how many companies have grouped multiple job responsibilities to one person, and it's easy to feel yourself very time-crunched. We hear from many training and safety people that they spend too much time on day-to-day problems, and not nearly enough solving strategic and emerging issues.


A Smart, Capable Team to Help

We get it. The members of our team have been there. When you need to move the dial with fleet consulting, our professional services group steps in to listen, research, make practical plans and execute. When you bring in our team for fleet consulting, we work quickly and efficiently. We've worked shoulder-to-shoulder with companies like yours. Trucking, logistics, and manufacturing are what we know. The first question is: how can we help?

Professional Services

Training Consulting

You know what they say about vast ideas and half-vast executions? (Try reading that question out loud.) Our training consulting team specializes in implementation, working across your organization to ensure the success of your training plans.

Safety Check-Up

Our “Safety Check-Up” will look at the data, interview your people, review your processes and technology, and develop training plans for your teams.

Custom Training

From fully customized courses to adding quizzes to existing videos, you’ll love working with our training pros.


A good employee is not necessarily a good trainer. Through online courses and in-person seminars, we’ll help your trainers and managers become better coaches and mentors.

Safety Messages

Fill in the training gaps and keep people sharp with weekly safety e-messages.

ITI At-A-Glance

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Standard Lessons
Standard Hours of Training
Custom Lessons

Choose the Team Who Gets Things Done

Change is the only constant. Adopt a new technology. Create a new step-by-step process. Get new people onboard. Improve! Any fleet training or safety endeavor goes through four phases: research, plan, implement, and audit. The circumstances and data always change, while the methodology stays the same.

The professional services team at Instructional Technologies help in all phases. You’ll work with  safety and training professionals with years of real-world success. They’ve been in small fleets and large, private and over-the-road.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Training Consulting: People are the key, and when it comes to improving the performance of employees and managers, there is no one better.
  • Practical Plans: You need a plan to successfully change a training and safety culture, and we’re great at devising and implementing practical plans that work.
  • Constant Improvement: Safety and training are not destinations, they’re a journey. You’re committed to an ongoing process of analysis and training.
  • Technology Support: Make the most of your technology investment by training the right people on the right topics at the right time.

Let’s Work Together

Together, we can make changes big and small in your fleet. Let's talk to figure out how we can best help your team with safety and training.