Custom Training for Truck Fleets

How Custom Training Improves Your Business

The secret to success in business isn’t much of a secret: it comes down to getting your people, processes and equipment working together. What’s so hard about that? Ask any operations person, and they’ll tell you that the biggest opportunity is getting people to adapt and change.

Telling your co-workers about a new piece of in-cab technology or fuel card program is only half the battle. The other half is they need to hear it, understand it, and act on it. Custom training for truck fleets from ITI, hosted alongside your other PRO-TREAD content, reaches all your employees wherever they may be. It works on any computer and most of the leading on-board devices.

Types of Custom Training for Truck Fleets
Instructional Technologies can help with many different types of custom training for your fleet.

Customize Any of PRO-TREAD's Lessons

You can start with more than 140 standard lessons — we've created custom editions of our lessons for fleet-specific courses.

If you have existing material that you own, we can host it. Or if you have a short topic, we have a few quick-and-easy tips to help you produce an easy custom fleet training course.


Your content lives on Sentix, next to your other PRO-TREAD content.

Video, text, presentations can all be uploaded.

Quizzes and checkpoints can be added.

Simple hand-off process.


Add, edit or delete existing content from PRO-TREAD library.

Better reflect your company's specific training needs.

Inexpensive way to customize your training and communications.


Full course development as you work closely with our team.

New, branded 3D renderings.

Coach employees on specific technology, job function, and even locations.

Specific Types of Custom Training

Industry-Specific Training

Specific industries need specific training. We have experience working with tankers, food/bev, the energy sector, utilities and many other types of private fleets.

Equipment Training

You’ve invested in a new gizmo, but does everyone know how to use it? Speed up the return on your investment by training your team on the new equipment or training.

OSHA & Warehouse Training

Give your employees the required OSHA safety training they need in less time.

Orientation Training

Cut a day off driver orientation training with PRO-TREAD while actually teaching them more information.

Location-Specific Training

Do you have an important location with frequent crashes? A custom-built training course focused on realistic models of the location might be the answer.

Get Started with Custom Training

  • If you haven't already, get a demo of PRO-TREAD, and look through any of our 140+ lessons.
  • Work with our team of experts to change the script and provide any images, logos, or videos.
  • Collaborate with us for questions you want to ask to ensure the user has learned the material.
  • Assign the custom lesson to the drivers or employees who need it.

What Can We Build for You?

Customized training makes sure employees understand the traits and expectations that set your company apart from the competition. Let us help you improve your company's performance — a quick call will show you what is possible.