Location-Specific Custom-Built Training and 3D Modeling

Custom-Built 3D Models Show Drivers the Ins and Outs

If you have an area that leads to frequent crashes, it's probably not very well-designed. And if you can't avoid it — like a big customer's distribution center — you better train for it. That's the approach several clients have brought to us. To help, we create a custom-built training course for that area. We build the course around a 3D model of the site, and show the drivers the best ways in and out, how to back in, and options for times when traffic isn't cooperating.

Like a Video Game for Safety

Using a digital 3D model shows your drivers lots of viewpoints, and lets you craft different situations they need to know about.

First-Person: What's It Really Look Like?

The importance of a first-person viewpoint is that the driver gets to see ahead of time the location, the approaches, and the various problems they'll encounter. Because the models we use are so realistic, it's like being there.

Outside Views: Eye-in-the-Sky Gives an Overview

After a driver has seen what it looks like from the ground, it's often easier to show traffic patterns and problems from a few viewpoints. With a 3D environment, we have unlimited cameras, vehicles, and views. Overhead views can show traffic patterns. You can show blindspots a car or pedestrian might see. We focus on helping drivers understand what to do, and why, so they can follow directions and make safe choices when needed. 

Many Types of Custom Training

Custom 3D models might not be for everyone. You can still make your own custom training by recording good presentations and hosting the video files on PRO-TREAD. You can work with our team to tweak, edit or shorten an existing course we offer. Or you can engage our professional services team to build out all-new course.

Build Custom Training with ITI

From custom 3D models of locations or equipment, to simply hosting training you've already built, ITI can help you create training as unique as your business. Let's talk today and see how we can help.

Custom-built training from ITI
Location-specific custom training from ITI can improve safety for important places that have tricky approaches and exits.