Safety Check-Up

Get Ahead of the Safety Curve

How many hats do you wear in your job? If you’re like most training and safety leaders, you are responsible for so many aspects that it’s near impossible to keep up. And the parts that tend to slip by first are the ones that don’t seem urgent: measuring trends, looking for future problems, pro-active planning, and reporting success up the chain of command.


Seeing the Forest and the Trees

Training and safety touch so many parts of your operation, and we can help you analyze and prioritize. A survey of logistics training and safety managers found problems fell into three categories: Urgent, Chronic and Emerging.

While you’re undoubtedly thinking about many of them, are they on the front burner? Do you have an action plan? Resources dedicated to fixing them? We can help find the best way to deal with whatever faces your company.


  • Technician training
  • New-hire screening
  • Acceptance of technology


  • Driver retention
  • Improve MPG
  • Reduce crash costs


  • ELD mandate
  • New compliance rules and regs
  • Driver training time

Research. Plan. Execute. Repeat.

With years of in-fleet experience, the team doing your Safety Check-Up has the ultra-talented go-getters you want. Using data from your fleet and conversations with you and your team, they will put together a report about current and trending issues, and a realistic action plan for addressing them. You'll be able to report successes while also positioning your group for future growth and improvements.

What Goes Into a Safety Check-Up

Needs Analysis

Interviews and questionnaires about current operations.

Data Gathering

Accessing fleet data from several sources within the organization.

Establishing Metrics

Benchmarking you with the industry and peers.


Using data and anecdotal information to look over the horizon.

Action Plan

A realistic plan to fix problems, built collaboratively.

ROI Reporting

Presenting success and opportunities up the chain of command.

Talk to Professional Services

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